Coliseum fit for Kings

Although the Golden 1 Center had a few years of controversy before a solid development plan was even in place, it has finally come to fruition. The new venue officially opened in downtown Sacramento at the end of September. While there were several businesses that had to move to make room for the new 21st century coliseum, its construction has also created hundreds of new jobs. The center is now home to the Sacramento Kings and will host a number of entertainers like Bruno Mars, Jimmy Buffet, Ariana Grande and country icons Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

Performing two sold out shows as the premier entertainer at the Golden 1 Center, Sir Paul McCartney christened the stage for the 200-plus events that will be held there annually.

With basketball season just beginning the Kings and their fans will enjoy games in a green and technologically-advanced sports venue.

Owner and Chairman Vivek Ranadive purchased the Sacramento Kings in 2013, securing the team’s future in Sacramento. As part of the agreement to purchase the team, Ranadive guaranteed a new NBA arena by the 2017 season. Not only did the team open the facility one year ahead of schedule, they’ve constructed the world’s greenest, most advanced sports and entertainment facility in the world.

The team has committed to enhancing basketball and entertainment through technology by utilizing Bitcoin and alternative payment methods, being the first to use a social media platform like Twitter, and exploring technology like drones, 3D printing, Google Glass and virtual reality.

And now, with a vision laid out by Ranadive, the team will enhance the fan experience through unmatched connectivity, a hyper personalized experience, an arena “remote control” in every fan’s hand and the clearest video board in sports. These advancements have created a seamless experience – redefining how fans will think of their arena experience.

One of the core values of the Sacramento Kings’ mission is to serve as an agent of change in the community. By creating the greenest sports venue in the world, the team is demonstrating that everyone can think about how they impact the environment and curb climate change.

Golden 1 Center is six blocks from California’s State Capitol – where many of the world’s leading climate change policy ideas are generated. The arena has been a beacon that demonstrates that green leadership can go hand in hand with comfort and quality.

The Center is the world’s first arena to be 100-percent solar powered. Through an urban-smart system, the arena collects 15 percent of its power from an array on the roof and 85 percent from a solar farm 40 miles away.

The arena utilizes the first-implementation of a displacement ventilation system – an advanced, energy efficient cooling system that enhances comfort and quality by adjusting the environment through vents at the seat level, instead of circulating high-volume forced air from the top of the arena.

Golden 1 Center is designed to be the communal gathering place for Sacramento and the region to come together and celebrate. Inspired by the values of the city, the arena blurs the lines of indoors and outdoors. Unlike most arenas, with concrete walls that surround fans on all sides, Golden 1 Center is connected to the environment and city – creating a feeling of openness. At the arena’s grand entrance there are five hangar doors (bi-fold) creating the world’s first indoor/outdoor arena.

The arena project has become a once-in-a-generation catalyst that has reenergized a downtown district and boosted the region’s economy through new jobs and localized bidding. Adjacent to the arena sits Downtown Commons – or DOCO – a mixed use development project that complements Golden 1 Center with 1.5 million square feet of retail, restaurants, office space, residential units and a 250-room boutique hotel managed by Kimpton Hotels.

A unique workforce development program created a priority jobs pipeline for Sacramento’s underserved communities. Over 150 apprentices learned new trades, entered the workforce and are now contributing to many of Sacramento’s new development projects.

‘Bigger than basketball’ has been the theme of the project from the inception of the arena’s design. Golden 1 Center and DOCO are at the center of the city’s new entertainment district. That includes artistic selections that will inspire the 1.2 million visitors to the arena annually.

Located in the heart of the world’s most bountiful agricultural region, Golden 1 Center is uniquely primed to take advantage of fresh ingredients and local farms. In an industry first, Golden 1 Center will source 90 percent of its food and beverages within 150 miles of the arena – reducing miles traveled, reducing carbon emissions related to the arena. A Sustainability and Sourcing Charter – developed by an advisory council comprised of local and national food, environmental experts – extends the commitment to serve responsibly sourced food.

For more information on the Golden 1 Center visit for the Sacramento Kings schedule and upcoming entertainment.



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