Meet the Tower’s new orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Scott Colquhoun

The medical community in Turlock is now playing host to innovative technology in the field of orthopaedic surgery since Dr. Scott Colquhoun’s arrival at the Tower Health and Wellness Center’s Romeo Medical Clinic.

A native of Denair, Colquhoun left the Central Valley to pursue his education and most recently laid roots in North Carolina. However, in the past year he has relocated to Turlock where he founded the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Romeo Medical Clinic.

“I saw it as a tremendous opportunity for both patient care and professional development,” said Colquhoun of his return to the Central Valley.

At his new position Colquhoun has brought with him a wealth of knowledge, namely the direct anterior approach to hip replacements, or performing surgery with the patient on their back by going in from the front of the hip. While the approach is not new, it is becoming increasingly popular as it is less invasive and allows the patient to recover faster.

“We tease muscles apart rather than cutting them. It’s the ‘muscle sparing’ approach,” explained Colquhoun. “People are starting to realize that patients do better in the short term and there are advantages such as a decreased likelihood of dislocation when we do surgery from the front.”

One institution that saw value in investing in the anterior approach is Emanuel Medical Center, which purchased a $100,000 Hana table upon Colquhoun’s arrival. The Hana table is unique in that it facilitates the anterior approach surgeries and is a luxury in many hospitals as even larger communities, like Modesto, don’t have the table.

“It’s certainly an investment in patient care,” said Colquhoun.

Colquhoun has also made strides to offer his patients the best care possible through his own interest in orthopaedic surgery innovation. Recently Tony Romeo, a fellow physician and sibling of the Romeo family of doctors in the Tower Health and Wellness Center, visited Turlock. While in town Colquhoun operated on a select handful of clients with more complex surgical needs alongside Romeo, who is also the Chicago White Sox team physician.

“I had listened to him lecture and knew the caliber of his work, but to be in the operating room with him was the opportunity of a lifetime,” said Colquhoun. “It was special.”

Romeo will be returning every six months to operate on select clients, but in the meantime Colquhoun is focused on providing his patients the best care possible, something he feels he is able to accomplish through the Tower Surgery Center. Colquhoun is able to perform joint replacements at the Tower Surgery Center and then have patients walking the next day — a feat for the physician and patient alike.

“It is cost effect for the patient and we can still deliver excellent care because we use the best parts. We don’t compromise anything,” said Colquhoun.

The Surgery Center’s comprehensive care is only made better by patient-matched instrumentation technology Colquhoun utilizes that allows him to customize the surgery prior to entering the operating room. More nuanced information means Colquhoun can better align patients’ expectations of their experience pre- and post- operation.

“It’s like concierge medicine. Every patient has my cell phone number to contact me as they need,” said Colquhoun. “It’s unique to the Valley and certainly to the area.”

Colquhoun’s mission is clear: to get patient’s back on their feet to enjoy life as soon as possible.



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