Memorial offers family-centered care in hospital birthing center


The New Year’s Baby may have already made his appearance this year, but for those parents still expecting the arrival of the newest member of their family, Memorial Medical Center has you covered.

Memorial Medical Center is committed to providing excellent, personalized care—and their Family Birthing Center holds true to that promise, as well.

Located on the first floor of Memorial Medical Center, the Family Birthing center blends family-centered care with a warm environment and state-of-the art obstetrical care.

Thelma Camarillo, RN/BSN maternal child health manager, and Kathleen Ortega RN/BSN, assistant department manager, shared their insight about MMC’s Family Birthing Center and their goals to provide a safe and pleasant birthing experience for parents and their newborns.

“We aim to provide a safe, friendly, caring and family-centered atmosphere,” said Camarillo. “RNs and physicians competencies, a safe and friendly environment, the location of the hospital and accreditation are all things that an expectant mother should take into consideration when deciding where they want to deliver their baby.”

Stork Tours, education classes for first time dads, online registration, lactation and childbirth classes with certified childbirth educators with extensive experience in obstetrics and pediatric care are some of the services offered at the Family Birthing Center.

Their inpatient services include labor and delivery and postpartum care, and their outpatient services entail a variety of educational opportunities and support groups.

“[We] are a preferred birthing center in the Central Valley…because we have implemented TeamSTEPPS (Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety),” said Camarillo and Ortega.

TeamSTEPPS is aimed at optimizing patient outcomes by improving communication and teamwork skills among healthcare professionals.

Another way MMC is improving communication and care is through couplet care.

“The FBC provides couplet care in the Postpartum Unit where the mother and baby will be cared for by one nurse,” said Ortega. “The mom and baby remain together throughout their hospital stay.”

Ortega and Camarillo said this policy of care enhances the opportunity for each mother to learn to care for and bond with her baby.

The Family Birthing Center also features an Intermediate Care Nursery that is developed to provide specialized care for low birth weight, high risk, premature babies or any infants requiring advanced neonatal care.

“One of the benefits of having our Family Birthing Center in a hospital as opposed to a family birthing center on its own is we have resources for a higher level of care, such as hospitalist, intensivist and RATT team,” said Camarillo.

Updated technology in the Labor and Delivery Unit also allows for enhanced care, including improved fetal heart rate monitors in every bedside that are portable allowing patients to ambulate in labor and new labor beds and radiant warmers that are used to maintain the body temperature of newborn infants.

One of the popular family-oriented policies at the Family Birthing Center is unrestricted visitors in the room while the mom-to-be is in labor.

“Friends and family are welcomed for the birthing experience,” Camarillo and Ortega said.

“We have great teamwork, collaboration and a friendly environment. The management in all areas of the hospital work well together as one team.”

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