Mom-and-daughter cosmetics business helps pay for college


Manteca resident Lizzy Sauers did not let the fact that she was denied financial aid for nursing school stop her from pursuing her dreams of finding a career in the medical industry.

Instead, she and her mother Wendy Sauers lathered up a way — literally — to offset her tuition fees at the Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts themselves by making affordable, handmade and natural health and beauty products with their business, Cosmetics for College.

“My mom had been making bath bombs and sugar scrubs as Christmas gifts and people were asking for them year round,” said Lizzy. “We started out just doing bath bombs and people started asking for sugar scrubs, so it progressed from there.”

Through Cosmetics for College, the mother-and-daughter duo offers sugar scrubs, body butter, essential oil blends, lotion bars, all-natural bug spray, foaming acne wash, pillow sprays and bath bombs — many of which are available in about 20 different varieties.

The sugar scrubs, available in four and eight ounces, are made with organic sugar, shea butter, apricot oil and essential oils. Customers can get choose from different scent combinations, including lemon mint, which combines lemon and peppermint essential oils, tangerine dream, which infuses tangerine and benzoin essential oils, and Walk in the Woods, which is a combination of camphor, cinnamon leaf, clove and scotch pine essential oils.

“Our sugar scrubs are really popular year round,” said Lizzy. “What they do is they fluff off the dead skin and they leave a nice, silky finish.”

Available in the same scent combinations as the sugar scrubs, Cosmetics for College also offers three-ounce body butters, which are made using shea butter, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, essential oils and witch hazel.

“Our body butter is really strong, you only need a dab to put on your whole arm,” said Lizzy. “It’s really good if you use it right after the shower, right after you’ve had all that heat on your body, because it just absorbs right into your skin and you don’t need anything else all day.”

Customers can choose from an array of essential oil blends in two ounce dropper bottle or one ounce rollerball bottle as well, such as beard oil that leaves both beard and skin feeling soft, sleepy oil that is made with cinnamon leaf, lavender orange, peppermint and scotch pine essential oils, and congestion oil that is made with camphor, eucalyptus peppermint and tea tree essential oils. Lizzy said that a customer favorite is the My Aching Bones essential oil blend, which is made with camphor, cinnamon leaf, eucalyptus, and scotch pine essential oils.

“These are all anti-inflammatories, so it’s a customer favorite and one of my personal favorites,” said Lizzy. “You may have to apply it a few times if you have a sore back, but it really does relieve pain and it’s a great alternative to taking an ibuprofen.”

Cosmetics for College also offers fizzy bath bombs, made with epsom salt to help relax muscles at the end of a long day, or 1.5 ounce lotion bars, made with shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax and essential oils.

“The lotion bars are excellent for just keeping in your pocket especially if you’re in the cooking industry or you’re in nursing or any other industry where you wash your hands constantly because it just leaves a nice coat of protection on your skin,” said Lizzy.

“We make a great gift because we offer custom labels on our products at no additional cost,” said Lizzy.

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