The four elements of style

In ancient times, it was believed that the power and energy of the human body was generated from the four ruling elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Now, of course, science has expanded our understanding of nature and our relation to it, but that doesn’t mean that the four elements don’t hold sway over our lives, especially our closets!


This style likes to mix the practical, like an olive-green spaghetti strap dress, with the beauty of nature, such as a floral scarf. The Earth style prefers well-made natural clothing with classic lines and colors, but doesn’t fall into doldrums by adding in bursts of color.


This element doesn’t have to always be fiery red. It can also reflect the flow of the garment, like the cut-out bell sleeve dress. This style is all about announcing your presence and creating a lasting-impression.


The water style conveys a clean and classic look with cool colors, like this pairing of white jeans and a sea foam T-shirt. No matter what trend is happening at the moment, this style always looks cool.


The style for this element always has a simple grace mixed with a bit of whimsy, like the ivory empire dress with delicate embroidery. For those that gravitate toward this element, getting dressed is always a breeze.

All clothes can be found at Bonnie J, 1525 J St., Modesto

Photos by Kristyn Aredas
Modeling byAlysson Aredas



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