Urgent health care enters new era

While it used to seem like a scene only in a science fiction movie, now it is becoming more commonplace to ‘teleconnect’ – and pretty soon you will be able to do that with the medical staff at Elite Urgent Care in Modesto.

Dr. Amrik S. Basi, M.D., board certified in Family Medicine, is bringing urgent care to an elite new level.

His McHenry Avenue office offers state of the art equipment and patient care that is hard to find elsewhere.

“We are in the black building on McHenry, on the third floor,” Dr. Basi explained. “We are a start-up, state of the art urgent care, and we are set up like an emergency room.”

The physical address of the building is 1524 McHenry, Suite 340 in Modesto but, as Dr. Basi indicated, even that won’t be necessary for some people. Plans are in place for patients to be able to connect with the staff via telecommunications, negating the need for travel to the office. With an appointment time and a specific code, patients can get on their computer and connect with the doctor ‘face to face’ no matter where in the world they are.

It’s all part of making health care more accessible, Dr. Basi said.

“We are going to do occupational health here in a much different way,” he explained.

Hours for Elite Urgent Care are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday; 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. There is also on call availability for after-hours emergencies.
The Elite Urgent Care brochure promises “The very best of urgent care services without the E.R. wait” and Dr. Basi said they do operate very much like an emergency room, treating patients quickly and efficiently.

“We have seven E.R. bays, exam rooms, labs, we have X-rays next door,” he said. “We also have a double O.R. here also.”

Along with now starting up the urgent care center, Dr. Basi previously worked in occupational health at St. Joseph’s Medical Center and has served as the Occupational Health Director for Oak Valley Hospital in Oakdale for the past 10 years. He remains in the Oak Valley post, in addition to the Modesto site work he is now doing.

With a background in family medicine, Dr. Basi said a goal is to offer family care “down the road” at the location, but right now the focus is on the occupational medicine and the telecommunications aspect of treatment.

He also is working with large local companies for installation of ‘Telecarts’ onsite so employees can connect with a doctor when the need arises.

At a cost of $50,000 to $120,000 per telecart, Dr. Basi said they connect worksites to the physician.

Anywhere there is an Internet connection, patients can be ‘seen’ by the doctor.

“With the telecart, I can be here and you can be there, I can look in your throat, look in your ears, listen to your heart, from anywhere in the world,” he said.

There’s also the option of seeing a patient physically at the McHenry Avenue site, but teleconnecting with a specialist elsewhere for a consult. Plus with their labs onsite, Dr. Basi said he can have test results back “within 60 seconds” as opposed to the next day.

Excited as he is about the McHenry Avenue location and the state of the art facility that has been developed there, the telemedicine is also cause for celebration.

“My telecommunications system is all set up, ready to go,” Dr. Basi said, estimating that within a couple of weeks, they will be available for the telemedicine appointments.

“It is going to change the way medicine is practiced,” he said.

Open for just a few months now, Dr. Basi said his original formula called for seeing five to six patients per day. So far, he noted, they are averaging 12 to 15.

“And we haven’t even started the occupational or telemedicine yet,” he added, noting the patients seen now are mostly in the urgent care category.

Along with Dr. Basi, the staff includes an M.A., receptionists and phlebotomists. “We are open every day of the week, as we get busier and as I hire more staff, then we will start staying open longer,” he said.

Elite Urgent Care offers vaccinations, treatments for cough, cold and flu, allergies and asthma, ear and eye infections, treats lacerations and minor burns, sore throats and sinus infections, offers lab tests and X-rays, handles headaches and migraines, offer physical examinations and more.

“There’s not a whole lot we can’t do here,” Dr. Basi said.

Contact them at 209-846-3176 or visit www.eliteurgentcare.net.



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