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Faros beer
released for Graffiti

Cruising, dragging, chasing girls, and drinking beer have been Faros’ traditions from the beginning in 1960. These days a lot has changed except for their passion for cars, car shows, cruising, the bonds of friendship, and for some, drinking beer. Dying Breed Brewing out of Oakdale has created a craft beer just for the Faros that they released just in time for the Graffiti celebrations.

The Faros have not had any new members since 1973 but all that changed in October 2020 when they allowed seven new members to join, including Dan Wood and Aaron Schafer. Wood is brew master and co-owner at Dying Breed Brewing.

“It is just something fun that we wanted to do to basically pay homage to the organization,” said Wood. “We wanted something on the lighter side that appeals to a wider audience. Craft beer has a pretty big range. Not everybody likes the heavier beers like the darker beers. So this is a light beer that is easy drinking - more of a summer time beer. So, that is what we were headed for.”

The label has the Modesto arch with Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health and a black 55 Chevy with a Faros license plate. The custom ale is light, crisp and refreshing with a smooth finish and quite perfect for a hot summer night or day.

“I have a 55 Chevy and that is a 55 Chevy on the label,” Wood remarked with a smile. “They give me a hard time but I tell them you brew the beer and then you get your car on the label. We will find some way to figure out whose car will go on the label next time.”

They plan to release the beer each year during the graffiti festivities with a different car on the label.

All the members were invited to the brewery to participate in the canning process. They witnessed how the beer goes from the tanks into the can and then the label is put on, it is packaged and put on a pallet that goes into the cold storage.

“I don’t know any other car club that can say we have our own beer,” said Faros member Bruce Schafer. “It was a blast and the beer is great.”

With approval from the “Beerman” aka Bruce, the Dying Breed creation is sure to be a hit and even for those that may not be beer drinkers like Bruce’s wife Cyndi.

“I am not a beer drinker but I like that,” added Cyndi.

The Faros Beer was released at the first car show at Spring Creek at the end of July and is currently available at the tap room.

The Faros have a clubhouse in Oakdale where they meet on a regular basis and currently have 30 active members.

The Faros started out as a fraternity and then evolved into a car club around 1960. The original founders cruised downtown on 10th and 11th Streets and then made their way to McHenry Avenue. They had a taste of fame when the movie American Graffiti was released in 1973 that was directed by George Lucas.

“We were just teenagers from high school just like the movie,” stated Daryl Wheitl a Faros member. “I have been a Faro since 1961. We enjoyed cars and girls. They kind of went together. We just hung out, had parties, drank beer and chased women. Most of us are married now so we don’t chase women anymore but we still drink beer.”

The Faros will be at several Graffiti events like Graffiti at the Creek, Del Rio Car Show, MASRA McHenry Village, Walk of Fame, and Cars and Coffee.