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Trucking along with C10's and K5's

Dexter Albores of Livingston has a had a love for cars since he was a kid. After seeing lowriders hopping on hydros and having heard the exhausts on trucks screaming when they passed by, he knew it was something that he wanted to be a part of.

“When they passed by, I was like ‘When I grow up, I’m going to get me one.’”

Albores’ journey with cars began with a 1987 Checy C10 squarebody fleetside short-bed. Chevrolet made the popular two-wheel-drive trucks from 1960 to 1987, and they are considered to be one of the most reliable classic pickup trucks ever produced.

Albores would eventually sell the truck, which is something he thinks about often.

“That’s probably really the only one I regret selling,” he said.

His love for trucks, particularly the C10 models, has never wavered, though. While it is nearly impossible for him to get the original C10 back into his possession, Albores has continued the legacy through the cars he owns today. He currently owns a 1964 Chevy C10 fleetside short-bed and an original 1971 GMC K5 Jimmy.

“C10s and K5s are my passion,” he said. “The scene is filled with cool trucks but even better people. Everyone in the scene appreciates the trucks and blazers. It’s all love and no one is out judging and critiquing your truck.”

As Albores referred to, not all cars are the same. He explained that cars can allow owners to express themselves in unique ways.

“A truck or car can be a reflection of you,” he said. “From the color you choose to paint it to the wheels you put on it.”

Albores tries to work on every aspect of his car excluding body and paint work. He spoke about some of the recent upgrades he had made to his 1971 Jimmy.

“I actually just finished swapping the old 350/350 in my ‘71 K5 Jimmy and installed a 5.3/4l60e with a BTR Truck Norris, giving it a little more horse and chop chop,” Albores joked.

He has shown off his trucks at a number of local shows. Last year, his recently sold 1972 Jimmy won an award at the C10 Intervention. The award has afforded the vehicle the honor to be featured on this year’s event shirt.

Albores hopes to watch the C10 community continue to grow. He and his group of truck friends recently launched a new Instagram page, @C10Junkeez, for C10 and Blazer content. He also encourages everyone to follow his Instagram page, @Dextreous, for behind-the-scenes looks at some of his projects.