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Meet Daphne, the Cutest Pet in the 209

The winner of 209 Magazine's Cutest Pet contest is a toy Eskimo poodle with a white-dipped tail named Daphne. Daphne's mom is Hayley Pascoe of Turlock and she has had Daphne since 2011, when she found her at Pet Avenue in Turlock. Daphne loves to swim and Hayley says she is a water dog, through and through. Hayley reports that Daphne loves to go for walks and that she goes crazy as soon as she sees her leash. In the summer, Daphne loves to go to Grandma's house to swim in the pool. Daphne likes to play fetch, especially if she's retrieving a stick from the river in Shasta.

Daphne can shake on command and she knows the words “treats” and “bye bye.” Daphne loves to stick her head out of the window when she goes on trips in the car with Mom and Dad. So much so, that Hayley will often receive text messages from people who have seen Daphne sticking her head out of the window while driving around Turlock.

Daphne is very protective of her Mom and Dad but not so much that she isn't also friendly to strangers. She loves to go to pet-friendly restaurants where she is always extremely well behaved and where she sits in a chair and eats. Daphne loves going to the dog park in Turlock as well as on longer trips to out-of-the-area dog parks and attractions like restaurants and hiking trails.

Daphne is very attuned to her emotions and she wears her depression on her face when Hayley leaves. She also shows her excitement when Hayley gets home and she shows her happiness on her face as well.