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Kidz Day coming May 10
Every year, residents of the 209 come together to support the Salvation Army Red Shield Community Center in South Modesto. The Red Shield provides at-risk youth with a number of spiritual, educational and athletic programs, including swimming, baseball league, open court basketball, Summer Day Camp, Zumba and Bingo. The after-school tutoring program is staffed by volunteers who help children with their homework from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The Red Shield also has a computer lab open daily for children to work on school projects and do research. The Red Shield is more than a place for students to come after school, it's a safe haven for many children in one of Modesto's poorest neighborhoods. On May 10, hundreds of volunteers will distribute copies of a special section by 209 Magazine dedicated entirely to the Salvation Army Red Shield Center. This special section will include articles and photographs describing the Red Shield programs and the children it serves. Corporate sponsorships and donations account for approximately three-quarters of the total Kidz Day fundraising efforts. Each individual, business or organization that donates $100 or more will receive recognition in a "Thank You" in newspapers around the Central Valley and in the June/July issue of 209 Magazine. Ina throwback to the old days of hawking newspapers and magazines directly to customers, volunteers will be selling the Kidz Day special section on street corners throughout Modesto and surrounding areas. Drivers can buy Kidz Day sections from the volunteers for just $1, although many will give more all to benefit the Red Shield. Be on the lookout for Kidz Day volunteers selling the special section on May 10 and learn more about helping the Red Shield through its programs or by becoming a sponsor by calling 209-538-7111. Remember, the Red Shield cannot help the children without your support!