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Carrot Top
brings his show to town

People in the 209 will have an opportunity to get their laugh on in the new year when Scott Thompson – better known as Carrot Top – brings his unique brand of humor to the Gallo Center for the Arts in Modesto on Jan. 15.

Carrot Top has been doing comedy since the 1980s and for the past 17 years he has headlined in Las Vegas at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Through the years his style of comedy has evolved from being just a prop comic to performing a multimedia show.

“I would say early days I was definitely a prop comic but I have been doing it so long that the show has elements of stand up and really multimedia,” said Thompson. “There are tons of videos and songs, stand up and props and then there is a thing at the end where I imitate all the rock bands. It is kind of a rock and roll show. It is high energy for sure. It is pretty cool. It is multimedia kind of rock and roll meets comedy. It is very loud but fun and fast paced.”

He shared that he kind of fell into the comedy path but when he was kid, he knew he wanted to be a performer. During an open mic night at his college, he got on stage and did a pretty good job entertaining the crowd, which gave him the confidence to try it and the rest is history.

Thompson shared that his friends and family were all very supportive of his comedy career choice and with a lighthearted chuckle said, “Then of course you get a little success and they support you more. They believe in you.”

There are many comics who inspired him through the years like George Carlin and Richard Pryor.

“There were hundreds of comics so it’s hard to pick just one,” added Thompson about his inspirations. “George Carlin was one I kind of admired because he reminded me of my father. My father was always a grumpy guy and George Carlin was very grumpy on stage so he used to make me laugh. Their styles are all so different, too, so it is fun to watch. So, there was always a nice variety of comics.”

Although Carrot Top has done a number of projects in the entertainment industry including television appearances, shows, commercials, and a few movies, he is most confident doing standup.

He enjoys the stage and performing for audiences whether he is at his residency in Vegas or on the road, noting that road trips always seem to bring different elements to his performances. On the road he travels with all his props and it may be more work for both Carrot Top and his crew, but he said there is different energy doing live shows and he truly enjoys both.

Earlier this year Thompson was on the “Joe Rogan Experience” which he stated was a great time, great exposure, and brought great feedback.

The Gallo show in January is sure to get the 209 laughing as Carrot Top will hit on current events and make generic observations of everyday life. This is not his first time in this area but is his first show at the Gallo and he is excited to bring his show to the 209.

“It is very today,” explained Thompson about his upcoming show at the Gallo. “I don’t get too political. Tell them (209) the 702 is coming. The road show is a lot of fun. We always look forward to being out there and seeing new towns and new faces and get out of Vegas and freshen it up.”

When asked what the future holds for Carrot Top, he added, “I don’t have any ending time. I think Willie Nelson said it best. They asked when are you going to retire and he said ‘from what? This is it. This is what I do.’”