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Book Review
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Spirit of a gypsy
By TERESA HAMMOND Not everyone may identify themselves as a ‘gypsy.’ It is, after all, an age-old title which brings with it a certain stereotype. Andrea B. Riggs, however, may just change that through her recently released book “Gypsy Living.” The 260-plus page self-improvement book serves as both a guide as well as workbook to aid readers in “freeing their inner gypsy.” The word “gypsy” is used in the book as an acronym: G- gratitude, Y- yes, P- positive purpose, S- self-love and Y- young at heart are each explored within their own chapters. The first time published author, mother of three, yoga teacher and fitness/health expert helps the reader explore each area through storytelling via a poetry format, as well as open ended questions to allow the individual to go deep within the personal journey.
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