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Rodney Carrington
Keeps it real

Comedy never goes out of style; laughter is healing and something that we can all use these days. The multi-talented comedian, actor, singer, and songwriter Rodney Carrington will be coming to the area with his “Let Me In” tour.

Carrington has been doing comedy for 33 years and has starred in the television sitcom “Rodney,” a feature film “Beer for My Horses” with Toby Keith, and his own Netflix special, “Here Comes the Truth.” He has established a fan base that knows what to expect at his shows. The audience makes his shows feel more like spending time with family than work. This has also been part of the reason that the material and music he writes has not changed too much with the exception of getting older and adding in new experiences. His storytelling style comedy comes from scenes out of his own life.

He explained that the stories shared on his current tour reflect where he is in life now. He thinks differently than when he was younger and things change, Carrington explained, like his kids are now older and living their own lives.

News does not reflect reality, Carrington noted, and is often not very truthful but more so based on opinions. So, he does not get wrapped up in the news and does not talk about politics because he thinks it is a turn off and people are trying to escape from that.

“At some point you’ve got to manage what goes in your mind like you manage what you put in your body, I think,” expressed Carrington. “Most people are raising their kids and loving their kids and living their life and going to work and seeing their friends and family and that is the reality of our lives. But what is being projected on the news is something far different.”

Carrington found comedy by accident. While he was in college, he was studying theater and decided to try comedy thinking that it would help him with his acting. He realized from the first show that he loved comedy and that was going to be his career. The comedy road did not come without bumps as he slept in the back of his truck that had a camper shell on it for the first four to six years and traveled the country, going wherever he could get a gig. With the money he made from a show he would finance the next stop.

“In the early days I didn’t have necessarily the luxury to pick where it is I wanted to work,” remarked Carrington. “So, a lot of the places I was working were pretty rough. You could be somewhere in some city and there would be 300 drunken crazies. It felt like a “Braveheart” crowd.”

Through the years, Carrington has toured all over the country as well as Canada and Australia. He is extremely grateful for the audience that has followed him through his career and continue to attend his shows.

“It has been a wonderful way to make a living, you know,” stated Carrington. “Comedy is my job but it is a portion of my life. I just enjoy the people that I get to see. It feels like to me that my relationship with the people that have come to see me all these years is what I appreciate most. I am very grateful.”

Although he has enjoyed all the different projects in his career through the years, standup is the one thing, he enjoys the most. It gives him the freedom to make his own decisions. As long as he is still having fun and people are still attending his shows, Carrington said he will continue doing standup.

“I am really enjoying my life at home with my kids growing,” added Carrington. “My kids are older living their lives and watching them make their wonderful creative decisions in life and seeing how that is turning out is something that I am enjoying. So, you know while it is my job, like everybody else I enjoy all the other pieces of my life as well.”