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Hey Bartender
Cheers to whiskey at Divine SwineBy Virginia Still

When you walk into Divine Swine neighborhood grill and bar there is a relaxed yet fun atmosphere that awaits you. Owners Robert Wilson, Scott Maynard and Robert “Bert” Chapman have spent many years in the restaurant industry and collaborated to open their own place in May 2015.

“I think of us more as a fun little place with an eclectic menu where everybody can feel comfortable and have a good time,” said Wilson. “It is all about the food quality and the service.”

The full bar offers guests 13 beers on tap and a specialty draft cocktail called the Divine Southside as well as an exquisite whiskey menu.

The Divine Southside has been a favorite with patrons and a top seller at the bar for the past 12 months. The bartender pulls the Do Good Gin handle, pours it on ice with a cherry and lemon wedge to top it off. The cocktail is made in five gallon batches and the keg is then hooked up to the draft system to serve up the same cocktail every time. The cocktail has Do Good Gin, a mint infused simple syrup, fresh lime juice, and soda water.

“It is made with locally sourced Do Good Gin,” added Wilson. “We do love local. Consistency is the key to never letting your guests down. So our whole thing here is consistency, consistency, consistency.”

For October and November with the fall weather one may be looking for something a little less chilled and a bit smoky with some warmth and spice like a whiskey from their hand selected whiskey menu. The whiskey offerings at Divine Swine are vast with rare, and hard to find American whiskeys, bourbons, ryes, single malts, and a few imports.

Every whiskey that is offered has been sampled by the owners who are very passionate about whiskey so they must be exceptional, extremely rare or they may just be partial to it. All bartenders at Divine Swine must take a whiskey course that breaks down each bottle that they carry where they learn things like the different types, the grain percentage, what a blend is and what makes a sour mash.

They have a Pendleton Directors Reserve blended Canadian whiskey that is aged for 20 years sitting in a leather holder that was made by a fifth generation saddle maker specifically for Pendleton.

Maynard’s experience with whiskey began with Michter’s American Whiskey that was founded in Pennsylvania in 1753 and eventually shut down but then reopened in 1990 in Kentucky. On the shelf guests can find Michter’s small batch bourbon, single barrel straight rye, small batch sour mash, American whiskey, and single barrel Kentucky straight bourbon.

They offer a Texas Cowboy Bourbon by Garrison Brothers that is 137 proof that goes down smooth but should be sipped and maybe served with a bite to eat like the smoked ribs that are lightly tossed in sauce, the Chimi fries, or the pork rind nachos.

Guests may delight in not only the caramel flavors of the Jefferson’s Ocean aged at sea bourbon but also the fascinating story that comes with it. This bourbon is a Kentucky whiskey that is barreled and loaded onto a ship where it will sustain the elements including a fluctuation in temperatures, the sea air, and the rocking of the ship. Hundreds of barrels sail around the world and each voyage usually crosses the equator four times before returning home. When bottled the voyage number that it was on will be listed on the bottle. The smooth taste and lovely flavors is an adventure for the taste buds.

“We also have one of the best whiskey selections in the Central Valley,” stated Wilson. “The quality and craftsmanship of our cocktails and food is just a little bit more than you would expect from your typical neighborhood bar joint.”

There are some pricey selections on the menu like the Sazerac which is an 18-year-old straight 90 proof rye for $45 or the Whistle Pig which is a 12-year rye that is 86 proof for $25.

The whiskey menu not only has an immense selection but the knowledge and passion that they have about the whiskey they offer their patrons is priceless especially if you enjoy indulging your palate in such a delightful spirit.

If you go:

825 W. Roseburg Ave.
Modesto, CA 95350


(209) 222-6496


Monday – Saturday
11 am to 10 pm
11 am to 8 pm