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Mega Good Times
at My Mimosas

Plenty of people are ready for the year to be over with high hopes for what 2021 can bring and with December and January there are always reasons to celebrate. When you hear that “California Champagne” pop, see the bubbles poured over ice in the mega mimosa glass that has fresh strawberries at the bottom served with two colorful straws to share, you know it is time for My Mimosas in downtown Modesto. 

Bartender Nikki Baca has been serving up drinks for about eight years and has worked at the night club Santo Cielo — which is also My Mimosas for about two years. The night club was the main business until owner Eduin Gallon had to get creative when COVID-19 hit. They have an outside patio and there is enough space to place tables at a safe distance. The staff has taken all necessary precautions due to the pandemic and adheres to all the safety guidelines implemented by the state and county health departments. 

My Mimosas has only been open for a few months but their super and mega drinks have made quite the buzz in Modesto. The breakfast and brunch place offers a variety of food items to indulge in along with their tasty cocktails.

The chatter from the outside patio and the music booming from inside has a Vegas vibe and then add in a Super Margarita, Super Bloody Mary, Super Sangria, Mega Mimosa, or their most extravagant drink, the Mega Cantarito, to take the fun to another level. The large fish bowl drinks that come in a variety of colors and flavors also include some candy surprises. The Lava Colada is not only pretty with a swirl of red and white but is a whole lot of yum filled with Malibu rum, pineapple juice, pina colada mix, with some strawberry puree.

“My customers and my loyal regulars that follow me and take care of me are why I love bartending,” said Baca. “I am a social person. I love people and the relationships and I like to drink. They call me the shot queen because I can throw them back. If I am not behind the bar then I am on the other side of the bar.”

There are regular size cocktails available as well as beer and shots. They offer three sizes of Moscow and Mexican mules: personal, super and mega. 

The giant drinks are made for people to share as they have the mega straws that go with them.

The tasty and refreshing Super Strawberry Mimosa is a best seller and is made with a bottle of “California Champagne” Standford Brut Governor’s Cuvee, strawberries, and a secret ingredient that Baca would not divulge. Then, it is topped with orange slices and fresh strawberries giving it the perfect balance. The Mega Mimosas are two bottles of champagne and both have a variety of flavors to choose from including passion fruit, guava, pomegranate, watermelon, and prickly pear. Although you may have to stand up to drink it and use two hands to hold it, the experience is delightful and one to remember.

Their most extravagant drink is the Mega Cantarito, served in a giant clay mug that has a whole bottle of tequila, fresh oranges, grapefruit, wine, salt, tajin, secret ingredient and Squirt. Baca recommends drinking that with a minimum of four people.

Although there may be some people skeptical of sharing drinks during these times, Baca expressed that people should share with people they know and that are healthy.

“The food is amazing too,” she said. “With all the drinks you’ve got to have some food. We have huge drinks and good food.” 

With the temperatures outside getting cooler and the holiday season in the air, My Mimosas will have some seasonal options for those looking for maybe a warm cinnamon drink, hot toddies or even some eggnog that is kicked up a notch. 

Getting there
My Mimosas
917 J St., Modesto
8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily and 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Thursday through Sunday
Find them on Facebook at My Mimosas Modesto or Instagram @mymimosasmodestoca