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Tri tri again

It’s a setting that many 209 residents flock to each and every summer. As New Melones has grown in popularity, it is the hope of Ryan Coelho that the relocation of his event will equally add to the location’s visibility.

Coelho, founder and CEO of USAP Events, is excited to bring his annual California Triathlon event to the Angels Camp area. Previously hosted in Pleasanton, the California Triathlon is a family event which will be staged at New Melones on June 20 and 21.

“The hardest element with a triathlon is the swimming leg and finding a body of water that one, works for the safety elements but is also in a beautiful place,” Coelho said of the relocation of the event to the foothills. “All my events are in beautiful places and it fit naturally. New Melones Lake was a perfect fit.”

USAP Events also hosts endurance events throughout the Bay Area as well as Monterey, Morgan Hill, Folsom and other Northern California areas.

As a long time event producer, Coelho shared numerous things which he enjoys about bringing the endurance events to varying communities. One of the many things which he highlighted includes the possibility and variety offered for all ages and physical abilities. 

“The one thing that’s key about triathlon is education,” he said. “People think that a triathlon is Ironman distance only and that’s the biggest fear. Ultimately, it comes down to education about what’s needed. You can do this as a relay.”

Coelho’s company also hosts clinics which he shared are not just informative but also beneficial to help participants properly prepare. A triathlon comprised of a swim leg, bike leg and run finish can range in distance depending on the level a participant chooses to challenge themselves with. The relay option allows participants to share the fun in equal parts with family or friends.

Other events available for participants during the weekend include: a duathlon, youth duathlon, open water swim, paddle triathlon and family fun run. All events and registration information can be found at

“I want to make this an annual event,” the producer stated. “To do this effectively, I want to develop and have a non-profit element. I partner up with those non-profits and then you make it a community event and it just uplifts the event.”

Coelho also stated he looks forward to highlighting the beauty of the area and believes it can be a great destination for people from out of the area.

“I think it fits perfectly, based on the lifestyle of triathletes and endurance athletes,” he said of the Angels Camp area and event course at New Melones. 

And while the event is just a handful of months away, the endurance racer himself shared there’s still time for one to register and properly prepare for one of the two triathlon distances offered. Coelho shared an Olympic Tri distance takes 12 weeks of training, while a Sprint Tri distance takes eight weeks to prepare for. 

“I would say 80 percent of my participants are type ‘A’ individuals,” he said with a chuckle. “They are people who are determined. They are goal-oriented. They want everything to be perfect.

“I always like to say I want to make a triathlete introduced into a lifestyle and not just a Bucket List,” Coelho added of the ultimate goal with first time participants. 

With the partnership of the new city location and the amenities it has to offer, Coelho is encouraged by the potential for event growth as well as the accommodations attendees have to choose from. Campsites, as well as close by hotels and activities add to the appeal of the foothills race. 

“Logistics there are very nice,” he said of the area. “The location is a two-hour drive from every major city, less than for Sacramento.”

“Excited to have a host city like Angels,” he continued. “I love their tag line, make Angels a destination to live, work and play and I think that’s something we can do.”

Once all is said and done, however, Coelho admits the accomplishment, love and enthusiasm of the finish line is where he finds the most joy. That, coupled with the age variance of participants, keep the producer both motivated and inspired. This year participants of his events range in age from eight years to 92. 

“I think the biggest thing for me, in everything I do is the age. I look at how we’re impacting everyone,” Coelho stated.

“The one thing I love which I allow for, which Ironman doesn’t is that you can run down the finish line with your family members,” he said. “You’re achieving something. I want you to achieve and take that picture and share it with people you love.”