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Upcoming Event: Delta Sculling Center presents “A Most Beautiful Thing” at Lodi Grape Festival Grounds
beautiful thing doc pic
The Delta Sculling Center will be showcasing the documentary “A Most Beautiful Thing," at SIX FOOT Cinema Pop-up Drive-in Movie at the Lodi Grape Festival Grounds  at 8 p.m. Sept. 12. In addition, the documentary will be available via virtual screening throughout the weekend of Sept. 11 to 13.
“A Most Beautiful Thing," narrated by Common, tells the story of the Manley High Rowing Team, the first all-Black high school rowing team in the nation. As the team developed, they formed an unexpected bond on the water. These men, from the West Side of Chicago, all from broken homes and with drug-addicted parents, were on a path to gang life at a young age. The documentary follows the life and leadership of their team captain, Arshay Cooper, and how this team became his family. Cooper later goes on to become an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, community leader, and author of his memoir “A Most Beautiful Thing."
Proceeds from ticket sales benefit Stockton area students, in particular youth who participate in the George Pocock Rowing Foundation’s Erg Ed Program in physical education classes in the Stockton Unified School District, Aspire Public Schools and the San Joaquin County Office of Education.
Further information, tickets to the Pop-up Drive-in Movie, as well as to the virtual screening and a Q & A with a panel led by Cooper, are available at the Delta Sculling Center website  at