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Love of jewelry runs in the Geiger family

Family owned and operated Geiger’s Jewelry store in Turlock offers the largest selection and variety of jewelry in the area complete with great value and a professional yet personable approach to their business.

“It’s not your typical kind of jewelry store; we have a comfortable setting that ties hand in hand with the hometown feel of Turlock,” said Marissa Geiger, daughter in family business.

Rick and Yvonne Geiger opened the business in 1983 following Rick’s 12 years of prior experience working in the jewelry industry that he describes as “so much fun” and what helped him become the expert jeweler that he is today.

His daughters, Marissa and Kindrea, joined the family business in 2000 and are a critical component to the store’s continued success.

“I’m thankful to have the girls here selfishly for me, but they’ve also been such a huge bonus for the business as well,” said Rick Geiger. “It’s amazing. You’d think that as the owner you’ll always know what is best for the store—especially inventory wise—but having a younger and fresh opinion has helped us out a great deal keeping up with styling, fashion and brands.”

What sets Geiger’s apart from the traditional jewelry store isn’t just the family operated business style, but also the expertise and knowledge when it comes to picking the pieces for their store.

“Old people like me get fed up with a lack of service you get from the majority of chain stores,” said Rick Geiger. “There’s a lack of knowledge because the employees aren’t experts in their field, they just sell with the incentive of commission.”

Marissa and Kindrea Geiger explained their professional approach of what they look for during the process of handpicking each piece for their store and why its backed with the guarantee of repairs.

“The value of each piece is as important to us as the look of it,” said Marissa Geiger. “Durability, weight, sizing ability, they’re all contributing factors… We hold ourselves and the pieces in our store to the same standard our customers would expect.”

Rick added that Geiger’s Jewelry takes great pride in finding out what the customer wants.

“We explain to them the quality, we explain to them the value and if that fits into everything they had in mind then they can make a decision to buy,” said Rick Geiger. “That’s the kind of thing that I think has made our store since day one—no pressure.”

The family attributes their success to “the Geiger experience” and believes that’s the explanation for the loyalty of their clientele, that and the support of the Turlock community.

“Turlock has grown and we’ve grown with it,” said Marissa Geiger. “We are so proud to be part of such an amazing community and we love to give back in donations every year, it’s a give and take relationship and they’ve given us so much.”