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Sonora firm offers Rock On in the 209

If you live in a home that has a propane tank, odds are that the tank is bulky, chipped, dangerous and a complete eyesore. Many propane tank owners wish they could hide them, make them blend in to the surrounding landscape or cover them up completely. Your prayers have now been answered thanks to Rock On Propane Tank Covers.

In 2005, Don Smith, founder and CEO of Rock On Propane Tank Covers, began to think about how to make a safe, decorative product that would cover a propane tank. Like many ideas, Smith went through multiple trials and tribulations before perfecting it in 2011. His vision came to life and it was an immediate success, with his business office now in Sonora.

“Our product skyrocketed and we are proudly displayed in 13 states nationwide, and we recently signed a deal with Canada,” said Smith.

The design is a decorative ‘rock’ that covers the tank. It is a discreet cover up that makes your landscaping look complete. The covers feature a natural stone look that includes a child proof lid but allows easy access to the tank. The product is fire resistant, is built to last for 40-plus years and can hold up to 117 pounds of snow pressure per square foot during the winter, should you live in an area that is prone to snowfall.

Rock On is also a great way to shrink your bill, too. When it is hot outside, Smith explained, an unprotected propane tank will start to heat up from the blistering sun, causing the propane to expand through the release valve, ultimately resulting in loss of propane and costing you more money. With the Rock On cover, it shades the tank and keeps the temperature down.

According to Smith, many of his clientele have found other uses for the cover as well.

“People have gotten creative with them. They use it as a play structure for their kids; they place it on their lawns just for decoration and some have used it as a house for their dogs by cutting out a door for them, of course.”

Rock On offers covers for everything from 500-gallon tanks on down. The Model 107, for example, is one of the smallest, a five pound cover that is used for small wells, septic pipes, pressure vacuum breakers and outdoor electrical outlets.

The various sizes of Rock On covers come in four different color varieties, to help tailor it to your specific needs. Products are offered in AutumnBluff, Fieldstone, Riverbed and Sandstone colors. Costs vary, depending on size.

For more information on the Rock On Propane Tank Cover or to purchase yours today, log on to their website at or stop by their location at 19959 Villa Dr., in Sonora. They can also be reached via phone at (209) 743-0451.