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La Jolla Cove

My favorite place to escape to is the ocean, especially the Southern California coast. There are several beaches to escape to in California and one of my favorite places to refresh and relax is La Jolla Cove. Rejuvenating oneself at the ocean is a no brainer as it seems to successfully hit all five of our senses. The sight of the endless ocean can give a feeling that there are bigger things out there; the sounds of the waves crashing is just calming; the smell of the ocean air puts an instant smile on my face; the taste of a tropical beverage and the feeling or touch of the warm sand between your fingers and toes just has a great way of bringing you closer to nature and encompassing your entire being with peace.

Besides the obvious reasons for spending time on the coast, true adventures await you at La Jolla Cove with the various activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, bicycling, and swimming to name a few. There are several restaurants in the area to satisfy any palate like George’s at the Cove, Duke’s La Jolla, the Crab Catcher, Brockton Villa Restaurant, Jose’s Mexican Restaurant, Cody’s La Jolla and many more. The small sandy beach known as La Jolla Seal Beach is a great spot to see several wild seals and sea lions resting in the sun. The Birch Aquarium allows guests to get up close to marine life. For the surfers that may want to catch a wave heading to Tourmaline Surfing Park would be the perfect place as it is known to be a premier surf spot. The La Jolla open air market downtown has galleries, boutiques and restaurants. The Farmer’s Market is a great spot to get fresh produce.

The shops, arts, restaurants and activities that can be found all around La Jolla Cove make this destination a top three on my list of escapes. The ocean views, the warm sand, ocean air, and the calming sounds of waves crashing has always been something that refreshes my soul. 

When I was younger, we would take the trip from the Central Valley to La Jolla shores to enjoy our family reunions. It was a long drive but always worth it. Not only was spending time with family and seeing relatives that you only saw once a year amazing but also splashing around in the California ocean and soaking up the sun made that all-day event one that was anticipated each year. For me, I don’t really have to do too much when I hit the beach as sitting on a blanket, or in a chair is plenty enough for me to enjoy and absorb my surroundings.