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Construction company turns backyards into paradise

For many families, their home’s backyard is the epicenter for bonding, playing and relaxing. Ultimate Backyard Construction Company knows this, and has made it their goal to transform backyards across the 209 into personal getaways that can be accessed simply by walking through a backdoor.

Ultimate Backyard Construction Company was created in 2007 by Josh Caton, and he has spent the last 15 years specializing in outdoor built-in pools. The company was originally called Extreme Pool and Spa, but quickly became Ultimate Backyard after Caton found that the company was focusing on backyards as a whole, rather than just pools. Though Caton and his team started out by providing the community with quality fiberglass and Gunite swimming pools, the construction company has taken on larger projects as of late, such as an incredible pirate ship playhouse that was recently constructed in a Hilmar backyard.

“He started out doing pools and it’s evolved into what it is today,” said Amanda Caton, who owns Ultimate Backyard alongside her husband. “Homeowners will ask him if he can build something; my husband’s not the type of person to say, ‘No, I can’t build that,’ so he builds it, and ta da!”

“The first thing I ask someone when we start a project is, ‘What’s your paradise?’” said Josh. “I try to build them that paradise that they can access in their own backyard.”

Josh originally planned on becoming a landscape architect, but entered the world of outdoor pools instead. With the creation of Ultimate Backyard, he was able to combine the two design worlds.

Homeowners often approach Josh with their extravagant backyard ideas. In order to give potential clients a feel for what his work is like, Josh often takes them out to previous construction sites so that they can see the type of projects he can bring to life. From there, a consultation is held which involves Josh hand drawing his clients’ ideas until they can decide on what will work best in their backyard.

“We don’t do computer diagrams when it comes to the plans,” said Amanda. “The hand drawings are more personal, and if they don’t like it he’ll draw another until they can decide on something.”

Ultimate Backyard’s largest project to date is currently underway. The construction company is working on a backyard wedding venue in Hilmar, complete with a double-sided waterfall, beach entry pool, outdoor fireplace with a custom-built arbor, full-functional kitchen, pizza oven and wrap-around bar. The company is also working on the exterior and interior of a barn on the property so that it can be used as a hall for weddings, complete with a dance floor.

“It’s crazy,” said Amanda. “It looks like something that popped out of Walt Disney World.”

While clients can dream up their own ideal backyard renovations that encompass all of their yard space, Ultimate Backyard also provides singular services such as splash pads, outdoor kitchens and bars, outdoor fireplaces, lighting and landscaping, water features, children’s play areas, concrete and fencing. The company also does indoor and outdoor work with reclaimed wood.

“I like going out to parties at these venues and seeing the people's’ faces when they see the backyard,” said Josh. “Having the opportunity to build projects like these is rare, and it’s actually really cool. I feel great about it.”

Josh takes pride in his company’s workmanship, he said, and always focuses on creating what the client wants. If a client’s idea is not feasible, Josh will push the plans down a different route, all while keeping the original vision intact.

“We take a lot of pride in our work,” said Josh. “Even way back when we started and we were still learning, we would do the right thing whether it took us one, two or three tries. I sleep well at night because I know I do what’s right.”

Ultimate Backyard Construction Company can be reached at 209-872-7343 with backyard renovation ideas. Construction time for backyard designs can range from two weeks to two years, said Josh, depending on the scale of the project.

“When we started out, I didn’t envision creating large scale projects like this,” said Josh. “But, it’s exciting.”