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Dream Home
Plan a spa bathroom remodel

Invest in quality linens

When stepping out of the shower or the bath, individuals can wrap themselves in thick, luxurious towels or robes. Guests also will appreciate comfortable towels if they come to visit.

Certain features can transform home bathrooms into spa-like retreats with a few touches. 

Change the color scheme

Spas are typically bright and clean and evoke feelings of purity. This can be achieved by choosing white, off-white or pale gray in the color scheme. An all-white design for fixtures and tiles also makes it easy to swap out accessories when the mood strikes.

Keep the tub

While many adults admit to not bathing nearly as much as they shower, there are benefits to having a deep, spa-like tub. Soaking away the stresses of the day, lounging in the tub with a good book and listening to music while enjoying a bubble bath are all ways to slow down and eke out a bit more quiet, personal time to unwind. Tubs can be outfitted with waterfall features to add to the ambiance even further.

Install a rainfall shower head

Upgrade fixtures to make them more luxurious. Multi-head shower fixtures and rainfall shower heads can help anyone unwind and relax. Rain showers can evoke calmness and relaxation as they gently cascade down. Additional shower upgrades can include steam functions, soothing lights and aromatherapy.

Hang artwork

Any space is made more welcoming and classy with the addition of some artistic touches. Hang pictures that will create a relaxing atmosphere, such as floral prints or beachscapes. Integrating large prints or a gallery wall can add a different dimension to the bathroom.

Incorporate natural materials

When decorating the space, use natural materials like stone, wood and marble rather than plastic or metal. This can add to the luxury appeal.