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Winter is coming
Send in the flowers

Poinsettias get all the attention during the holiday season, but if you’ve ever left them outdoors when the temperature starts to fall, you know they are not exactly winter-friendly. But lucky for gardeners in the 209 region there are some flowers that not only hold up well when the cold settles in, but also look pretty to boot.


Cyclamen plants are excellent winter flowers that bring in bright pops of color to the dull landscape. The heart-shaped leaves are dark green and have a marbleized detailing. The petals come in shades of pink, red, and white and have the look of butterfly wings. Cyclamen is a plant that likes the sunlight, but also needs the cooler temperatures to bloom and remain flowering for a couple of months. Unlike most plants, Cyclamen actually prefers the soil to get a bit dry in between waterings, but not to the point of wilting.

English Primrose

Gardeners would be hard-pressed to find a flower that is pretty as the primrose and as hardy. The flowers bloom in a range of stunning colors from vibrant violets to soft yellows and pinks. They can take the full sun in the cooler months or a partially shaded area when spring arrives. They do well with regular watering and fertilizing with an organic compound. Dead flowers can be clipped off and new ones will continue to bloom and add color to the garden.


It’s hard to believe that a flower that looks so delicate could withstand the temperature drop. Even the name is deceiving. Pansies are hardy flowers that do well in containers and in the ground during the winter months. The five petal flowers come in a wide array of color combinations. Pansies will continue to bloom throughout the winter in well-drained soil with a fair amount of sunlight.