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Cover photo contest - honorable mentions

Photographer’s name: Alejandro Trujillo
Photographer’s name: Alejandro Trujillo

City of residence: Denair

Contact info: —

Trujillo’s photo was shot at Laundro Land Coin Op and the model in the photo is Victoria Grace Tosti. 
“I like to try new things when it comes to my photography. Living in a small town can challenge your creativity. We don’t have the tall skyscrapers or fancy architecture, so I have to try and use what’s around me to present a new look, and the laundromat was one of those ways.”

Photographer’s name: Elisa Solorio-Ontiveros
Photographer’s name: Elisa Solorio-Ontiveros

City of residence: Turlock

Contact info: @elisaontiveros

Solorio-Ontiveros’ photo titled “Bridging Gaps” was shot at Kewin Park in Modesto. 
“Bridges are a source of inspiration for me. It is a structure that closes that gap between two people and their cultures. To me, this walkway allows connections in order to explore other places as our journey transcends.”  

Photographer’s name: Anna Barber
Photographer’s name: Anna Barber

City of residence: Ripon

Contact info: —

Barber’s photo titled “Almond Orchard with Clouds” was shot along River Road looking south into one of the almond orchards in Ripon. “I do make an effort to get out with my camera during almond blossom time especially.  This photo is manipulated only to the extent of enhancing the contrast to bring out the clouds which most photographers do as a routine part of post-production in our digital world.  Not too different from what we would have done in the darkroom back when we all used film.” 

Photographer’s name: Reg Smith
Photographer’s name: Reg Smith

City of residence: Oakdale

Contact info:

Smith’s photo titled “Country Road, Almond Orchards” was shot on Warnerville Road in Oakdale. 
“All the elements of an interesting and unique photo were there.”