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A Celtic All Hallows Faire

The term ‘Halloween’ has many meanings and interpretations from all across the globe, and the co-producers of Angel Camp’s All Hallows Faire, Patrick Karnahan and Lissa Britt, are sharing the traditional Celtic version. The majority of the Halloween customs have roots coming from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain which is a celebration to welcome the harvest at the end of the summer by having huge bonfires and wearing costumes to ward off the ghosts.

Originally put on several years ago as a quick idea that Karnahan planned to be just a one-time thing, after the successful event, the following year he decided to continue the celebration counting that as the first of many.

It began in Sonora but as the event grew, so did the numbers of people attending; therefore, a larger area was needed to accommodate the new attractions and more parking. Shortly after, the event found its new home at 2465 Gunclub Road in Angels Camp.

“It all started when I was eight years old; me and my friend were building a haunted house in his backyard out of cardboard and right before we were going to present it to the neighbors and family, his dad came outside and made us take it down,” Karnahan explained. “Ever since then I wanted redemption and over time I envisioned a new type of haunted house, something more interesting.”

All Hallows Faire is a full weekend jam packed with events from fire swallowing, to live music, and even an all-inclusive costume contest with prizes.

The event begins on Oct. 29 with the gates open at noon and events running until 10:30 p.m.

Saturday is the busiest day, beginning the festivities with one of their main events called ‘burning of the harvest man’ that is a tradition where people write notes to loved ones that have passed on and they are thrown into the fire. It is one of the popular ancient Celtic traditions.

There are dancers, cosplay performances, live bands, magic, and even the Phoenix Fire Family. 

Those events and more stretch into Oct. 30 with the Faire running from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

More information on camping and booking an RV or a tent space can be found on their website

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