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Turlock Christian Schools: Life-changing education

At Turlock Christian Schools, nearly 700 enrolled students not only receive a high quality education, but a nurturing environment that emphasizes community outreach and an ever-evolving development of Christ-like character.

“Although our students are really qualified academically, the bottom line is that you can see the Christian character,” said Superintendent Karen Winter. “When the community sees our kids being Christ-like in their actions and having a servant’s heart, that’s what makes us the most proud.”

It is because of the aforementioned attributes that Turlock Christian Schools, from Turlock Christian Elementary School to Turlock Christian High School, was voted as the Best Christian School in the 209 for 209 Magazine.

“This is a great privilege,” said Winter. “We love being part of the community and being involved in the community here. It’s a great honor for our school.”

From first grade at Turlock Christian Elementary School to senior year at Turlock Christian High School, Winter reported that students receive an education that will academically prepare them for college through a creative learning environment.

According to Winter, Turlock Christian Schools are very technology-oriented, with Promethean interactive whiteboard systems in every classroom, computer and science labs, and an influx of Google Chromebooks slated for arrival before the next academic year.

“There’s a lot of interactive learning,” said Winter.

Additionally, students are encouraged to collaborate on campus through a newly incorporated media coffee lab on the high school campus, which invites students to grab a cup of coffee or tea and interact with each other in a learning environment.

“They are in there before school and during lunch,” said Winter. “They love that place and they learn more effectively when they are given the space to collaborate and have fun.”

Students can also take advantage of a wide array of pullout programs, with offerings including computer programming, Spanish, music, engineering, Future Farmers of America, band, drama and cheerleading.

“We have similar programs as other schools, but so much more individualized attention with smaller class sizes,” said Winter. “That’s what makes us really special—along with the Christ-centered teachers who truly care about students.”

Turlock Christian Schools was also recognized in another aspect, being voted the Best Preschool in the 209 for 209 Magazine.

“Kids are very loved and special there and I think that when the parents and people come, they see that,” said Winter.

According to Winter, students at the preschool engage and prosper as science and art activities come to life within a hands-on learning environment. Throughout the school day, teachers also make an effort to emphasize the concept that Jesus loves them in order to help them feel both secure and special.

The preschool program promotes a positive learning environment that allows students to immerse themselves in finger painting, mixing with sand and other creative, hands-on activities.

“Learning is fun here. The kids are happy, the teachers are happy, so I think it is about the atmosphere and we think that part of that is Christ in us,” said Winter.