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The Miwok Heritage Center in partnership with the Amador County Arts Council has opened a new exhibit spotlighting the contributions of Miwoks in the different wars through history.

The Miwok Patriots Art Show invites people to learn about the role Miwok people played in the war efforts in history. This exhibit includes pictures and information about the Miwok people and patriotic acts in which they participated. 

“Little is known of these acts or that, in many instances, they were not citizens of the countries that they represented in these skirmishes,” said MHC Executive Director Glen Villa Jr. “Miwok people were proud of their participation and were happy to serve.”

The exhibit is drawn from the personal collections from people in the region and include letters, photographs, medals, uniforms and other mementos from Miwok individuals that fought in various wars.

“This exhibit honors a lot of different families in this area,” Villa said. “I was somewhat surprised at how many Miwoks have served. I think that is something to be proud of and it gives a different perspective on the connection between the Miwoks and the United States.”

One of the oldest items in the collection tells the story of Valentin Guelaccina. Born in 1811 he was a Mokelumne baptized at the Mission San Jose in 1834 and fought in the Mexican-American war.

The show opened at the MHC on May 24 and will continue through July 4. A public reception will be from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. June 26.

The Miwok Heritage Center was founded to preserve, promote and interpret the history and culture of the Miwok people. It is located at 901 Quail Ct. in Ione.