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Local author guides clients to wellness

The notion of mind over matter is far from a saying or antiquated philosophy for Maureen Minnehan Jones. In fact it is a practice so powerful and noteworthy that Jones not only developed a technique which embraces this but wrote a book about it as well.

The book "Wisdom to Wellness" was written by the Central Valley author as a result of seeing the MO (Modus Operandi or Method of Operation) Technique work on herself as well as her clients.

“The neat thing about this book is I contacted every client and I used their story. Each condition has a client story,” Jones shared of the book’s early development. “It was written based on my experience with client success.

“I’ve had a lot of people tell me they’ve marked it up,” she added of the book and its content.

The MO Technique is described in the book as “the model for people to look compassionately inside themselves and take responsibility for their illnesses.” Through internal and emotional reflection the technique allows a person to interpret what a disease is trying tell them and ‘release’ the disease through guided imagery and affirmations.

She describes the technique as a personal life saver she first used herself over 15 years ago when she lived through a devastating divorce. Stress and other factors from this time in her life found her in the office of an oncologist who felt based on her symptoms she may have a rare blood disorder.

“I feel like I was ahead of my time,” the author said. “It’s just now becoming recognized. The emotional/psychological wellbeing. Our bodies are very wise.”

Jones, a college educated nurse spent a number of her professional years working the emergency room, surgery, orthopedics, oncology and the like. In addition to traditional college training, Jones has also completed courses in guided imagery, acupressure, reflexology, polarity, emotional anatomy, human behavior, kinesiology and advanced anatomy and physiology.

The author recognizes that her technique is not a replacement for traditional medicine but rather a complement to what her clients may receive or be directed to do by their MD.

“Everyone should do their own thing. What works for them,” she said. “I work with all health challenges and emotional blocks. Emotional blocks are holding you back from love, life and health.

“The neat thing about this technique is you don’t have to repeat, repeat, repeat,” she continued. “Once you know the symptoms for the condition or disease you know the methods to release it.”

In addition to educating readers about the MO Technique, the book also touches on the common thread of disease, releasing emotional suffering and chapters exploring many major diseases. Diseases explored include: AIDS/HIV, arthritis, cancer (varying types), heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more. The method can be used just as well for allergies, the flu and the common cold.

“A lot of times what we show to the world isn’t what we’re feeling at the present time,” Jones said. “That is the biggest struggle with major disease. I really feel it’s going to help so many people heal on a different level.”

Wisdom to Wellness may be purchased from Amazon as well as a number of on-line sources or on the author’s website,