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Have it your way
at Cuts Steakhouse

There is a new steakhouse in the 209 that specializes in bringing an exceptional experience to guests; located in downtown Turlock, this must-visit restaurant is called Cuts Steakhouse. It is truly all in the name as Cuts offers patrons steak options like the filet, ribeye, and Tomahawk along with their choice of preparation, butter compounds, and sides.

The custom 10-foot doors open into a captivating restaurant with a few different seating options including the large family style table, a couple high top tables overlooking the outside patio, or private booths for an intimate date night. The ritzy bar is located in the back with wingback chairs and private booths giving it a real classy cigar lounge feel.

The patio area has seating available for those that would like to dine outdoors or enjoy a cocktail.

Veteran Owner Jerry Powell and Managing Partner Devin Hill collaborated to bring the 209 a high caliber steakhouse like no other. They did their research, traveling to establishments in Las Vegas, Alaska, Sacramento, and Southern California as well as other places in the surrounding area. This gave life to Cuts in July 2021. They did extensive upgrades but the bar, restrooms, and kitchen stayed where they were. 

“We built and designed something that we wanted to eat at,” said Hill. “So, we went to great lengths. Jerry and I traveled a bit and designed everything from the colors to the chairs, the custom booths, and custom doors. The private booths were purposeful and intentional.”

Bar Managers Chianne Castillo and Joshua Wilson have some premier craft cocktails in the full bar for people to delight in like the Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Bulldog Cooler, draft beers and wines.

“The folks that we have working in this bar are dedicated to their craft,” stated Hill. “They are serious about it. They care about it which is very rare in this industry. Our cocktails are remarkably consistent. They are a good strong pour and down to a science. I think it shines as bright as anything in the Bay area or southern California or major market. I don’t say that lightly.”

Executive Chef Nicolas Patire serves up steaks with three types of preparations, wood fire, char-broil, and pan seared. Guests can select black truffle, bone marrow, and herb for their butter compounds to go on their cut of steak. In true steakhouse fashion, the filet and ribeye are the top sellers. All Cuts are USDA Prime Beef.

“I wanted to offer three styles of cooking,” Hill pointed out. “So, I could keep coming here and have my favorite cut of steak but with totally different preparation styles and butter so you could have in a small section with nine items many different varied options and change your plate. I really wanted to give people some options in this culture. You have freedom to choose and build your own plate.”

Hill created the original menu and now it has about 70 percent of the items he created. There are a variety of options like salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, pork, chicken, salmon and specialty meats like Wagyu and 21-day dry aged ribeye. The cooking style and methods are still under Hill’s direction. Through the year-and-a-half they have been open, they have had a few different chefs that have made significant contributions to the menu.

“I have a particular way I like things done I like them to look a certain way and have a certain texture and be plated a certain way so those rules that I have written stand,” added Hill. “But the creativity that these chefs have far outweighs my abilities or my interest at this point. I try to give the chefs a lot of latitude for specials as long as it looks a certain way and it is the Cuts culture.”

In the spring there will be some changes to the menu due to the seasonal bounty of edibles that will mostly affect the soups, salads, sides, and desserts. The main entrees will remain the same.

“The thing about food and crafting a plate of food and an experience is that when someone gets a plate of food which is essentially a piece of art that comes from the chef’s hands. They have a very intimate relationship with it because they actually take it inside their body and it nourishes them and feeds them. So, if you can have that experience with a customer where they are happy with the ambiance and the process of their dinner and they love their food, it is a very intimate relationship to have with a client. It is meaningful.”

Front of the house Manager, John Jacob has been with Cuts since September and said that they have a great team and great leadership and a supportive staff that really care.

“People love the steaks,” remarked Jacob. “Eighty-five percent of people order steaks and the showstopper is our Tomahawk. When they carry it out, it is all eyes on the Tomahawk. People share it but we have seen cowboys come in and tear it up by themselves.”

The compliments from customers that they have received like “this is the best steak I have ever had and this place is great, and they love the environment, the service and they are very happy, is very rewarding,” Hill shared.

He added, “It (compliments) is very meaningful for somebody that has put a lot of time and effort in crafting an experience for people. It is very meaningful to both Jerry and I when we hear that kind of stuff.”

They are currently open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner and plan to revamp their brunch offerings by early April. Hill noted that they are open to possibly reintroducing lunch at some point.

“I want people from all sorts of economic walks to be able to take their girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever somewhere nice and have the option to pick what they want,” expressed Hill. “The big 10-foot custom doors I think makes people think expensive. But we really did craft the menu so that it was attainable for a lot of different folks. I was trying to be thoughtful of the average dude.”