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Hey bartender
Time to get toasted

The holidays are a good time to visit Get Toasted but the brunch and mimosa bar in downtown Riverbank has something for everyone year-round. With topped toasts, small bites, salads, baked goods, specialty drinks, wine, beer, and the featured assortment of mimosas, that makes the best time to Get Toasted right now. 

Celebrating tends to include a pop of bubbly and that is exactly what they are doing at the mimosa bar with a variety of about 14 flavors. Lead bartender Amber Hunt is serving up mimosa flights and specialty drinks with top tier presentation and thirst-quenching bursts of flavor. 

Some guest favorites are the Pineapple Chamoy mimosa, Watermelon Cucumber refresher with fresh basil, Watermelon Mint mimosa and the Blue Raspberry. For the winter season they have a Caramel Apple mimosa that has been a real crowd pleaser. They also have wine slushies and a GT Jumbo Mimosa, which is a fresh fruit slushy that comes in a fish bowl with fruit skewers and a small La Marca bottle.

“Everyone is a huge fan of anything with Chamoy in it,” said Hunt. “There will be wintry and festive drinks. We have gained so much popularity since (we opened) we want to do a lot of Christmas drinks that will involve peppermint somehow and a candy cane rim or chocolate.”

The MANmosa may be an option for those who want a little something different that has Shock Top, Champagne and orange. For those who want a tasty mouthwatering michelada Get Toasted has their very own house made michelada mix that has a lot of flavor and seasoned up to par served with Dos Equis or your preferred beer. 

“I am very proud of our micheladas,” shared business owner Jaclyn Lininger. “It has a kick but not too spicy. We make them really pretty; they have fresh fruit and a lollipop that goes on top. Everything is very presentable. It is that perfect mix.”

They have monthly wine tasting events, holiday themed tasting events and other special events like Botox parties. 

For the non-drinkers they offer coffee flights and virgin mimosas. The establishment is family-friendly and owners’ daughter Harper is usually on scene.

Ricky and Jaclyn Lininger along with mom Maria have been in business for a year — and a tough year it has been. They pushed through and are ecstatic to be open for business. 

“We are super invested,” said Jaclyn. “We gutted it completely. So, it was a lot of work for us and we knew that going into it and then on top of that COVID hit. We had come so far at that point that we were not going to let anything stop us.” 

Get Toasted, featuring brunch and mimosas

3308 Santa Fe St., Riverbank

9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday through Sunday

209-502-7687 or