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Red Velvet Mug Cake

Makes 1 mug or 2 (1/2 mug) servings


2 tablespoons miniature chocolate chips
1 tablespoon butter
2 tablespoons packed brown sugar
2 tablespoons whipped cream cheese
2 tablespoons flour
1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon red food color

Cream Cheese Topping:

1 tablespoon whipped cream cheese
1 teaspoon confectioners’ sugar
1 teaspoon milk


For the Mug Cake, microwave chocolate chips and butter in microwavable coffee mug on HIGH 30 seconds or until melted. Stir. Add remaining ingredients; mix well.

Microwave on HIGH 45 seconds to 1 minute or until center looks almost set. Let stand 5 minutes before serving.

Meanwhile, for the Topping, mix cream cheese and confectioners’ sugar until well blended. Stir in milk. Drizzle over mug cake.