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Twisted Pig: Dedicated to amazing eats

Opened at the beginning of this year, Modesto’s Twisted Pig Bar and Grill with its unique menu of amazing eats is a great blend between old-school barbeque and modern fusion adding to its exclusivity with craft cocktails, quality beers and tasty wines.

Located at 2717 Coffee Rd., it has seating inside, at the bar or in its outside dining area where meats can be seen getting smoked and prepared for their first-rate barbeque dishes.

General Manager Cody Baldwin, who has over 20 years in the restaurant business, said the distinctive menu includes some of his “hair brained” concoctions over the years, as well as suggestions from staff, and specials that were best sellers.

Baldwin described one such creation, a peanut butter and jelly burger with raspberry-jalapeno jam and peanut butter atop a burger patty in a bun.

Another is the Three Little Pigs, an all-beef hot dog wrapped in bacon, topped with coleslaw, fries, cheddar and pork and beans.

“We’ll get creative and do fun stuff like that and run it as a special to see if it works,” Baldwin said.

Additional menu items are by their chef, Michelle Angulo-Everson, author of “The Rude Yet Delicious Pig” cookbook.

“With a title like that, you know it goes well with the Twisted Pig type of cooking,” Baldwin said. “You couldn’t have a better pairing with her and us.”

Baldwin said everyone on the staff is passionate about the restaurant and their food from the servers and dishwashers, to the kitchen staff and bartenders.

The biggest seller is the pulled pork, which is slow cooked for eight hours every day and slathered with a house barbeque sauce with Granny Smith apples.

“It gives it a sweet tang,” Baldwin said.

All items are homemade and prepared from scratch. Nothing is frozen.

In addition to entrée items of pork, chicken and even seafood selections, the Twisted Pig also has a wide variety of sandwiches or panini all served with a choice of pasta salad, coleslaw, potato salad, baked potato, Portuguese beans, soup or salad.

The Twisted Pig also offers brunch with over nine interesting combinations on Saturdays and Sundays, showing NCAA and NFL football on the screens mounted around the establishment.

“The reason for that (brunch items) was if you had a long night out with the boys and needed to have something to fix you up for the next day,” Baldwin said.

The Dollywood, a popular brunch dish, features two layers of crisp fried pulled pork, in hash brown potato fashion, shelved between three pancakes and all topped with maple-bourbon syrup and cinnamon butter.

Another favorite, The Hangover, features tots topped with a fried egg, cheddar and jack cheese with bacon gravy and pulled pork or beef.

The Twisted Pig also has live music on Wednesday nights.

There are so many interesting dishes and sides, Baldwin said satisfied diners always return to experience the numerous selections, each time without disappointment.

“We have a fun play on food and drinks,” Baldwin said, pointing out many of the cocktails from their bar are from the Prohibition era “with a twist.”

Their Southside, Al Capone’s favorite back in the day, is made from gin, lime juice, simple syrup and topped with a smoked orange peel.

Baldwin also recommends the Cocky Irishman, similar to a Moscow Mule, but made with Jamison Irish Whiskey and Cock & Bull ginger beer.

“Hands down, it’s our number one spirit,” Baldwin said.


The Twisted Pig
2717 Coffee Road
Modesto, CA
Hours: Monday-Wednesday: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Thursday- Saturday: 11 a.m. - Close
Sunday: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.