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Balanced mind, balanced body, balanced life

Yoga creates strength, awareness and harmony in both the body and mind and incorporates techniques that can benefit your everyday life.

Kamal Gill, owner of Body and Brain Yoga in Manteca, believes that yoga is a necessity with today's lifestyles.

“[Yoga] is for everyone,” he said. “We live in a time where stress is very common because of the fast paced lifestyles we have and just 30 minutes of yoga practice a day can allow us to find balance and relieve stress in our everyday life.”

Gill has practiced yoga for five years, prior to his career as an aircraft lieutenant.

“About eight years ago I had an injury on my right shoulder where I dislocated it and tore ligaments,” he said. “From then on I found so much pain in my body that I knew I had to do something.”

The ailments and pains, Gill said, were not easily alleviated from a doctor or chiropractor and he noticed that not only did his stress level increase but his immune system went down.

“I didn’t want to just numb the pain with medication; I wanted to heal,” he said.

At this point, Gill found the practice of yoga, started teaching himself and began to recover on his own. He then began to practice at a Body and Brain yoga location, where he discovered his true passion.

“I started teaching yoga for free because I wanted people to see how much it could change your life in a positive way,” he said.

Gill made the decision to sell his airplane and open his own Body and Brain yoga center in Manteca.

“I realized that yoga was my true passion and I was encouraged to open my own studio—so I did.”

Body and Brain yoga has been open since September 2015 and Gill recognizes the members feeling the benefits and enjoying the practice of yoga and the balance it provides as they continue to renew their membership and invite their friends to join Body and Brain, as well.

“We recommend which class benefits you the most,” he said. “Some people want to just relieve stress so we recommend the Friday class which is more of a fun, dancing type class once a week. If your goals are specifically to lose weight we would recommend the Tuesday class—each one is unique but every class can be beneficial one way or the other.”

The last 15 minutes of each class is dedicated to breathing, relaxation and meditation as it provides self confidence, reduces anxiety and decreases stress and tension.

“I believe that everyone should try yoga to manage their body and overall life,” said Gill. “It makes you happy, and when you’re happy you’re giving and kind. The world could always use more of that.”

Body and Brain Yoga is located at 1236 N. Main St. Ste. B, Manteca. For more information, call 209-824-9642 or visit