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Dream Home

It’s rare to find a newly-constructed home in the center of an already-established neighborhood, but this dream home in central Modesto offers just that. State-of-the-art finishes and plenty of space throughout make for modern living fit for generations both young and old sure to stand the test of time. ■

This house is currently on the market; for more details contact Joshua Smith at 209-342-0866.


The layout of the home was the first thing designer Colleen Medeiros of Ripon’s Fine Finish Staging & Design noticed when she walked into the home, she said, tied together with neutral colors that accentuate the open space. “It’s an open concept, with the kitchen, dining area and TV area central to the home,” she said. “This space really captures the heart of the home.” When selecting pieces for the interior design of the home, Medeiros said she wanted to compliment the property’s cohesive feel. Grey light fixtures provide a touch of elegance while taking care not to distract from the spacious feel, and a combination of different textures in the decor make the space feel cozy without overwhelming guests. 


Intertwined with the dining space, the home’s kitchen sets it apart from others in that it takes a step back from the on-trend, all-white kitchens popular today. Dark cabinets and marbled, soapstone countertops blend seamlessly with the space’s stainless steel appliances. 

“What I like about the kitchen is that the colors are going back into those deeper tones, which is very inviting,” Medeiros said, adding that she included subdued furnishings in her interior design of the home that would truly allow the kitchen’s features to shine. “I didn’t want to take away from it or overuse color, because the surfaces, the cabinetry and the flooring was all working together so nicely that I didn’t want to overpower that.”


The airy feel of the home continues into the master bathroom, where white quartz countertops open up the already spacious room. The layout can easily allow for two people to get ready at once, Medeiros pointed out, and elevated faucets give the space a regal feel. A light grey, ceramic tile was chosen for the floor, which provides a waterproof foundation for the room that’s impervious to stains and humidity.

“The combination of the surfaces — they all just really play well together,” Medeiros said. “There’s no one thing that steals attention from the other.”