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Grace and goals

How’s those 2024 Goals shaping up? 

Yes, I know it’s April and May, but with three solid months behind us, I like to reflect and revisit the goals I’ve set for myself.

With this year’s new approach of setting quarterly goals versus year long achievements I had sort of convinced myself that would be easier. I was wrong.

Truth of the matter is, life changes take work, commitment and yes, time.

Looking at 2024 I must admit, I’m thrilled with the outcome of a few items, ahead of the game on a few and still struggling with others.

Falling back into a committed fitness routine and solid health program as I once did continues to be my Achilles heel. Truth be told when this column space was started my routine was rock solid.

What I recognize now is while it may not have been at the hands of a personal trainer, it was at the hands of two small people who occupied the majority of my down time. Squeezing in workouts was set for early morning in my garage or 8 p.m. once they were put to bed.

The “healthy” part honestly came easy, as we want to feed our kids well and give them healthy foods. We were also on a very tight budget which made eating out a treat more than a mainstay.

Now as the mom of two independent young adults, both of these things tend to pose more challenge than I ever thought they would.

This coupled by the returning to an open planner, no longer filled with treatment days, doctor’s appointments or lab work.

At times, I feel like a broken record on this topic, so for those tired of hearing it; I truly apologize.

That being said, I also feel it is one of the most under talked about life challenges. Not the disease specifically, but rather how life is as a patient once you’re on the other side.

Keeping in mind, no two are the same and everyone’s experience different.

When your life has been spent this way however, for an extended period of time, there are certain things you’re not completely prepared for.

I’ve touched on this in prior columns, so rather than be redundant and rehash much of the same, I’ll simply share this; remember grace.

That’s what I seem to be learning the most as we travel the 2024 year.

Four years of a hell, I would never wish on anyone has brought me to a place of excitement for life that’s on a complete next level. My goals list is quite honestly all over the board. I’d imagine it’s somewhat like a person freed from prison with a host of opportunity before them.

That’s me.

My weight loss journey was a level of success I could never have fathomed 13 years ago. When I use the word “success” it comes from a space of recognizing I not only lost weight but changed my life 180 degrees, maintaining the loss and achieving some really cool stuff - in my 40’s.

Where grace comes in, for those of us who have overcome disease, depression or maybe quiet simply an unexplained rut - our bodies are different.

My medical team is most definitely the best at reminding me of this. Four years post diagnosis I am not only four years older, but my body has been completely broken down at the hands of beating a disease that could’ve killed me.

That’s harsh truth and while I did my very best to maintain my health and strength during the battle, the final year brought that to a halt and that’s okay.

Now we look ahead, we live as fully as we possibly can each and every day. Some days that’s going full tilt at all that life has to offer and others is sitting with a cup of coffee or glass of wine simply taking in the beauties of life. Balance.

So as you reflect, revisit or perhaps redefine what 2024 should look like for you remember grace, not just for others but yourself. We truly must love ourselves if we are to be of any value to the rest of the world.