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Lengthening and strengthening with The Fix

Katelyn Hasley is passionate about what she does. With knowledge of the body, a former life in body building and a great love of yoga, the owner of The Fix Aerial Arts loves leading students in a gentler way of serving the body.

“It’s like where my heart and soul is,” the Oakdale business owner and instructor said of yoga. “I found yoga at a time in my life where I needed to heal, emotionally and spiritually.”

Her love for yoga that began over 20 years ago, however, proved to be the start of other alternative offerings for serving the body.

The Fix Aerial Arts offers students yoga, Barre and Aerial arts classes. The Aerial arts classes include Hammock, Lyra and Split Silks.

While her first love may be yoga, the instructor shared she also loves teaching aerial.

“I remember when it first came out, I think it was 15 years ago when I saw aerial for the first time and then I saw aerial yoga,” the fitness instructor said. 

Admitting she thought it was very cool, as she began to see it more and more, she decided to begin taking classes herself.

“I love it. I fell in love with it for myself and I thought other people would really like it and enjoy it,” she stated.

“We use it to basically do gymnastics in the air,” she explained of the silks and aerial accessories. “It’s a performance art, whereas yoga is basically the opposite of that. You’re not performing. It’s there to serve you. Where aerial acrobatics is an art that we perform.”

Hasley offers Aerial Acrobatie and Aerial Yoga classes which are each one hour long and offered as courses or bootcamps versus a traditional drop in class.

“It just made more sense all the way around,” she said of offering courses vs. classes. “It’s so important for safety that you’re learning all the basics and that you’re getting the skills in levels.”

Aerial courses are offered for all ages; children and adults. Courses tend to run 16 weeks, which will allow students to go from the basics to completing the skills.

Hasley further shared that Aerial Yoga is silk assisted yoga allowing for a deeper stretch or a deeper variation of a pose.

“The spring floors are the perfect flooring for our aerial classes. It’s amazing,” she said of the location where she offers classes.

“We start with very basic conditioning and we actually start on the floor,” she said of aerial courses. “We start on the floor teaching shapes and teaching hollow body conditioning. So you’re getting into that shape and you’re engaging all your muscles.”

Another great form of “engaging muscles” would be Barre classes which Hasley describes as a ballet inspired Pilates.

“The term Barre is actually ballet and Pilates combined,” she explained. “Our Barre class I call it Barre Bootcamp because we’re incorporating strength, which I feel is important. I want to make sure our classes are complete.”

The fitness enthusiast noted that Barre offers a type of movement which is necessary and essential, as well as a great complement activity to yoga.

“I’m a lover of all types of movement,” she said, regarding what drew her to Barre. “The conditioning you get from ballet, that’s what we take into the Pilates and into the class.”

Barre Bootcamps offered by the studio owner are typically six weeks and classes are twice weekly.

“If you don’t use it you lose it. Movement is just so good,” she said of Barre and its appeal to women of all ages. “It’s good for your body and good for your mental health.”

Whether it be yoga, aerial or Barre the business owner shared she is most at home sharing her passions and helping clients transform and strengthen their bodies.

“I really love teaching all the classes. I wouldn’t be offering any classes I didn’t love teaching.”

Course offerings and Bootcamps for the varying workout types can be found on

The Fix is at 628 Delano Drive, Oakdale.