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Growing up and goals

Looking ahead to summer, my mind goes a bit into overload.

As a mother of teens, a partner to a business owner and a professional myself, the thoughts of opportunity and adventure not only excite me, but have me looking at the calendar with a little anxiousness.

In past issues I’ve shared several things about me personally. In short … I’m a goal-oriented planner. I still write things down. I still operate from a ‘to do’ list and check boxes. I don’t schedule things in Google or on my phone calendar; it’s all still placed in my “Happy Planner,” dubbed by some as my “bible.” I laugh as I type that, not because it is. It was dubbed that by a girlfriend because of its size and appearance. She literally thought I had brought along my Bible.

Midway through what started as yet another odd year, recently I sat down with my planner and began filling in some things. As I did, I thought about that girl I mentioned above – that goal-oriented planner. 

That girl seems to have been on a hiatus the past two years.

Now with isolation of the pandemic hopefully behind us and a personal health hiccup at bay, I began thinking about some personal goals.

Being honest, prior to this moment with my planner my personal goals had been pretty simple and necessary for the chapter of life I had been dealt. The world was shut down, my life put on hold and making it through my medical plan priority.

Yet as I sat on the other side of it all, I couldn’t help but think … now what.

These thoughts had also come following a great coffee talk conversation with my partner. His children now grown and on their own, mine in their high school years. Two dedicated parents, recognizing that all too soon life would look much different.

As we talked about our careers and life choices made for our children, he looked me in the eye and simply said, “So what do you want to do when you grow up?”

Of course, this struck me funny, as I thought I’d been doing that all along. My career dedicated to two paths. A decade in the fashion industry and 20 years of writing, wasn’t I living my best “grown-up” life? Of course not.

So, a few days later sitting with my Happy Planner I went to the start of each month and wrote down three simple questions. What they were truly doesn’t matter as they are words that will work for me. Words which each day, week, or month I can look at, connect to and use as motivation.

While I initially thought I would share them, I now recognize those motivating questions might look different for someone else. The gist of them, for those coming up with their own, was simply built around an overall goal and ultimate happiness. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this life, whether you have a lot or have a little if you’re not genuinely happy the rest doesn’t matter.

It feels good to be able to not just plan, but set goals again and look ahead at opportunity.

The question posed by my partner is indeed a good one and as I watch my two once smalls turn to bigs, it’s a good one to ponder. Looking ahead five years our home will look much different and just as my days’ activities have changed so too will my life.

Reviewing those three questions and looking toward the goals is exciting. So much life still to live and memories left to make.

That’s what life’s about after all, the never-ending metamorphosis of growth and living fully. If we’re lucky enough we’re surrounded by people who make the ride all the better – regardless of the goal, regardless of the age a life filled with love, support and celebration.