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Studio Fit 50+
Total body and brain fitness

Maintaining a healthy body and level of fitness does not have an age limit. Contrary to much of the mainstream focus, the older one gets the more important a healthy body is. Multiple studies have shown that physical wellness as one ages is not only good for body and overall wellness, but good for the mind as well.

Kelly Frederick, personal trainer/movement specialist and owner of Modesto’s Studio Fit 50+ not only knows this but believes in it so much she opened a studio for this demographic five years ago.

Beginning her career in the medical field at Memorial Hospital, Frederick first experienced the benefits of a good workout when going through her own personal challenges and turning to fitness for an outlet.

Describing herself as one who always enjoyed fitness and the body, it was in her 40s when she came to realize the effects and benefits of exercise when she would go to the gym.

“With that pattern, then I started seeing results,” she said of making workouts a priority as she worked through that tough period in her life. “I started feeling better physically and mentally. I just never stopped, because I was scared to death of losing the habit.”

One key approach she learned was to continue to “switch up” her workout so as not to lose the interest or passion.

This eventually led her to personal training at Gold’s Gym part-time. A gig she described more as a hobby than a career at that time. A decision she came upon, when looking for a trainer herself and unable to find one that suited the needs of her non-20-something body.

As she maintained her job at Memorial in Pulmonary/Cardiac Rehab, she began her training and journey as a personal trainer.

“That was in the days when you did not go online to do your training. I’m so glad I did it then,” she said, describing a big book sent to her and then attending a conference over a full weekend where she was tested.

“I had no idea where it was going to take me, I just knew I loved it,” Frederick added.

She shared she had such a passion for the body and overall fitness and that is what led her to her position at Memorial as well.

“I moved over to Pulmonary Rehab, because I loved the idea of fitness. I really didn’t know what the program was about,” she shared of her 15-year long position.

While in that job she noticed a correlation between exercise, mental health, wellness and how people thrived after moving just a little bit.

“It enhanced my personal training clients, because I had no idea I was going to be working with the older adult,” she said of the experience and her side gig. “It wasn’t a set plan, it just kind of went together.”

It was a layoff from her part-time position at Memorial, however, that would catapult the fitness fan to a new and much in demand career.

The personal trainer/movement specialist noted when she was laid off, she realized she did not want to do in-home training 100 percent of the time and began brainstorming on where she could serve best. Given her experience and knowledge she felt the more mature demographic was best suited for her.

Today she runs small group classes three times a week, several times a day in her Modesto studio. She does in-home training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

“We can’t forget about the mental part of it,” Frederick said of the benefits of movement, “because the brain does … it’s proven, our brain starts to slowly shrink as we get older.”

Recognizing that nutrition is equally important, the trainer shared that’s a bit tougher to guide in the 50-plus crowd, as many of them have seen and tried all the trends and fads.

“I just want you to take one piece at a time and don’t tell yourself you’re going on a diet,” she said. “Take it one small piece at a time. Go to the store and buy some healthy foods.”

The overall benefits, she said, can’t be denied.

“Definitely for the mental and physical part of it,” she added of the importance of fitness. “When people get sick and they’ve been exercising and suddenly they get some terrible disease. You are able to thrive through that much better than the sedentary person, especially as you get older. As you get older, you have that urge. Now I know what it feels like to be strong and feeling good and I want that feeling back. The reason you want to stay fit, is because if you have any type of illness you are going to prolong that disease. Women can go out and get Botox or you can go in and get exercise.”

As people look to the New Year and potential new goals, Frederick offered some manageable wisdom. 

“Write it down, whatever you’re thinking, put it on paper,” she said of big and small goals. “Write down one new goal that you’d like to accomplish that week, whatever that might be.”

Breaking it down to small steps is key.

“The big one will happen as a result of the small one,” she continued on goal setting. “And then get people that can help you. You should never have to do it by yourself. Keeping it simple is really true, it takes the stress away.”

To contact Frederick on personal services or classes visit the website or call (209) 499-3125.