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The three R's of health at Osmosis

An alternative health and wellness service in Modesto seeks to rehydrate, re-energize and rejuvenate its guests. Partners Terra Goodrich and Alyssa Badiou have combined their medical expertise and their passion for helping people to offer IV hydration and vitamin therapy replacement to everyone in the 209.

Osmosis is celebrating its one-year anniversary this November as they opened their doors on Nov. 1, 2019. Some people may be familiar with this alternative method which gained popularity in Las Vegas with the ‘hangover drip’ and made its way to Beverly Hills and now is available in Modesto. The cozy lounge is nestled in a business center at 803 Coffee Road, Suite 10, Modesto, alongside other health and wellness options.

Goodrich has been a Registered Nurse for 10 years, spending time in the emergency room and five years as a cardiac trained nurse specifically. She has always been passionate about working out and doing her best to stay healthy. Badiou is also an RN and both their husbands are in the medical field as well. 

“I see how people can come in really sick so I wanted to avoid that,” said Goodrich. “On my journey I came across IV hydration and vitamin therapy replacement. I thought ‘wow that is a great way to help people stay healthy’ outside and not just people that are active and working out but people that have chronic diseases, too. It really helps them.”

She said some people, such as those who have had a gastric bypass or those with certain chronic diseases, they don’t absorb vitamins so receiving vitamins through the drip is a good option. 

“We can help with pain and do so many things that are beneficial and keep them out of the hospital. So, I thought I can do that and here I am.”

They offer IV hydration and vitamin therapy replacement using natural vitamins that the body should absorb at 100 percent. Goodrich explained that when people take a vitamin pill the body only absorbs about 30 percent, but with the IV hydration they get 100 percent. 

“As we get older, we don’t create or absorb as much of those vitamins that our body needs to thrive and feel healthy and to operate at a top level,” noted Goodrich. “So, we will help replace that.”

Some of her clientele are people with chronic pain, inflammation, and stress that take a 30-minute drip in the pink Himalayan salt room. The pink glow in the room that is made up of salt walls and a salt floor along with the crystal in the entrance add to the healing experience. A woman that was losing her hair, for instance, was administered an Inner Beauty drip that replenished her hair and nails and rehydrated her skin. They can customize the drip for each person’s needs specifically like the Immunity infusion that helps people that feel tired, rundown, or feel like they are getting sick. Even those that workout can get a Performance drip to help them with muscle composition and better results. The Weight Loss drip aids those that are getting started with a diet and exercise routine with a natural boost of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

“This is good for anybody and everybody,” advised Goodrich. “Everybody at some point has something going on. Anybody and everybody are welcome. We have multiple drips that do something different and then we can customize based on what the person is feeling. They will see a benefit.”

The suggestion from Goodrich is to receive a drip once a month and that can change based on the person and their needs. The prices vary as well and for those that use the services on a regular basis they offer discounts. They also offer house parties for four or more individuals. They are on an appointment basis that can be scheduled online through their website or by phone 209-556-2116.

“The favorite part for me is when someone comes in here and tells me how good they feel and that they haven’t felt like that in a long time,” stated Goodrich. “That makes me happy because then they are functioning better and then life is better. Some people that come in here are like ‘I never knew I could feel this way.’ It is really great to see.”

Although COVID-19 shut them down for a while they are glad to be open once again. The clientele that they were helping could not get what they needed so when they reopened they were extremely busy and ready to get their customers feeling good. 

“To be able to feel yourself at 100 percent capacity and everything is working the way it should because your body is fueled the way it should be; it doesn’t have a money measure,” remarked Goodrich. “You cannot put a price on that but you can put a feeling and that feeling is something you have never felt before. So really taking your health into your own hands and saying I deserve to feel my best. That is what we want and we want to help people feel their best.”