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Real or Make Believe?
It’s magic with Masters Of IllusionBY VIRGINIA STILL

From the television screen on the CW Network to the live stage, Masters of Illusion will make audiences believe the impossible in a two-hour phenomenon of grand illusions, comedy, magic, mentalism, escapes and more, all in one show scheduled at the Turlock Community Theatre at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 16.

Touring for several years, Masters of Illusion have performed for audiences at theatres, casinos, performing arts centers and more, bringing their magic to life for an amazing experience. The magicians on the television screen perform in front of a live audience.

Each magician that performs has a magic specialty that they will use to entertain the audience like Michael Turco, who is a grand illusionist.

“I have been touring with Masters for about the past four years and it is great,” said Turco. “They can see it face to face and not just on TV so it is a fun experience.

“We come in there and we each do our own piece of magic and that’s what gives the show so much variety.”

Compared to other magic shows that only display one type of magic, Masters of Illusion give their audience different types of magic. The date, time and place will determine how many magicians will perform, however, there can be anywhere from two to five magicians.

At a very young age Turco attained a great enthusiasm for magic after being exposed to several different shows growing up not far from Atlantic City. As a young child he recalled watching magicians on television like David Copperfield, Harry Blackstone and Doug Henning. His interest grew and magic became his dream, which he performed through school from elementary to college. After Turco graduated college he knew he wanted to tour so he put together a show on his own and started performing at arts centers and casinos.

“For the past four or five years, I got the great opportunity to perform with Masters of Illusion which is awesome because I get to perform with some of the greats in magic,” stated Turco. “These are some of the guys that I have looked up to over the years that are now also on the tour. So it is a cool full circle thing for me. At some point I used to watch these guys and now I get to perform with them.”

The ancient art of magic has been around for centuries mystifying people with simple sleight of hand tricks, to levitation, disappearing acts and much more. The popularity continues especially with shows like "America’s Got Talent" that features several magic acts that have received standing ovations and perplexed the judges, typically lasting a long time on the competitive variety show.

“People always love magic,” added Turco. “Whether you are a kid or not you love watching it, you love seeing, and you can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

“Masters of Illusion tour is just fun, family-friendly entertainment whether you watch it on TV or live.”

According to Turco, there will be a lot of audience interaction throughout the show presented by Masters of Illusion and the magicians love getting people involved in the show. The selection of audience assistance is random and seeing the reaction on their faces is very rewarding for the magicians.

The show is live so fans will be able to see the magic show with their very own eyes and decide for themselves if magic is real.

“We are one big family,” said Turco of the performers. “We always have surprises for each other on stage. “The cool thing is we all perform magic all together as well. We are always having fun.

“Audiences will see a good variety.”


What: Masters of Illusion, touring magic show
When: 7:30 p.m. Nov. 16
Where: Turlock Community Theatre, 1574 E. Canal Dr., Turlock
Tickets: $29, $39, $49

or 209.668.1169