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Stylebook: Answer to this fashionista's prayers

As a little girl I absolutely loved paper dolls, or rather I loved all their clothing options. I could easily wile away an afternoon trying this skirt with that blouse and so on. In fact, I loved coming up with various outfits so much that I felt constrained by the mere dozen or so options that came with the doll and started cutting out clothes from various catalogs and magazines.

Fast forward a few decades and while my fondness for paper dolls has gone by the wayside, my love for clothes has not, as my over-stuffed closet can attest. Because I am such a clothes hound, I have lived for too many years surrounded by piles of clothes. I’m not really sure how it happens, but for a while it seemed like every where I looked in my room there was a growing mound of fashion finds.

But those days are now behind me and all my clothes are neatly hanging and folded away because I found Stylebook, quite possibly the best fashion app. Ever.

Simply put, Stylebook makes easy work of picking out an outfit. With its more than 90 features designed to help you organize your clothes, Stylebook will let you create a wardrobe that will give all your friends and frenemies alike the impression that you are just naturally chic and stylish.

Stylebook allows you to download photos of your clothes and then mix and match them in a virtual setting, rather than a heap on your bed. When going out shopping you can literally have your entire wardrobe at your fingerprints and figure out exactly how to incorporate that new must- have item.

Stylebook, which costs $3.99, is the creation of programmer Bill Atkins and Jess Moore. The idea behind the fashion/organization app was born out of Moore’s time as an intern at Vogue and Modern Bride, where she was tasked with organizing and tracking the clothes in the mammoth fashion closets, and through her own efforts to stay fashionable while working as an art assistant at Lucky.

Initially, it will take some time to get the full benefits of the app, because it does involve cataloging your entire wardrobe. But once that task is complete, the work will be well worth it. In addition to helping put together a bevy of outfit choices, the app also can track how frequently you wear an item, color, and outfit. It also has options to store your inspirations for future outfits, window shop, packing tips and lists, finding a good tailor and dry cleaner and a Style Q and A section that offers valuable tips on how to organize a tiny closet, decode runway trends, what to wear to work and the like.

If you ever lusted after Cher Horowitz’s closet in the 1995 hit movie “Clueless” then Stylebook is the virtual version to satisfy your inner fashionista.