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Ripon Jewelers The jewelry shop that gives back

This holiday season, Ripon Jewelers hopes to put some sparkle into the Central Valley’s Christmas with its stunning selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watches.

The jewelry shop, located in downtown Ripon, became a dream come true for owner Becky Kahan when its doors opened in September 2014. Having worked as a jeweler in another shop for 15 years, Kahan put her passion and experience to the test, successfully operating Ripon’s first family-owned jewelry shop since 1987.

“I love jewelry and I always have,” said Kahan. “I had the opportunity to work in this industry or others, but jewelry caught my eye.”

Kahan and her family live in Ripon, and she wanted to open Ripon Jewelers in the city’s downtown area to become part of its increasing popularity.

“Downtown Ripon is trying to grow and become a fun downtown area,” said Kahan. “We wanted to be a part of that.”

The jewelry shop offers a distinctive variety of pieces, thanks largely in part to Kahan’s eye for unique trinkets. She frequents Las Vegas to attend one of the world’s largest jewelry trade shows, where awe-inspiring designs and the most sought-after trends are available for purchase. From $1,000 items to pieces under $100, there is something for every jewelry lover at Ripon Jewelers.

Kahan also delights in taking customers’ older jewelry and making it shine like new once more, and she often creates custom pieces that can only be found in her store.

“We take old things and make them look brand new,” said Kahan. “I love the creative aspect of the jewelry business, which a lot of people don’t know about.”

In addition to specially made jewelry, Ripon Jewelers also offers bridal and anniversary collections, Hamilton watches and pieces adorned with countless colored gems, such as ruby sapphire, pink sapphire and morganite stones. The shop is also a full service repair center, and provides ring sizing, stone setting, chain repair, watch and bracelet shortening, special finishes and engraving.

Since opening two years ago, Kahan made it her mission to give back to the community that has supported her business. Each month, Ripon Jewelers selects charities or local organizations to donate to or sponsor, such as Pay it Forward and local cancer fighters and survivors.

“That’s how business works - you support others, and they support you in return,” said Kahan. “In small communities, it’s important to give back.”

The fact that Ripon Jewelers is a family-owned business gives it an advantage over other “big box” stores, Kahan said. The shop is able to offer their jewelry selection at much lower prices than their competition, and truly caring about her work allows Kahan to focus on the customer, rather than the sale.

“Since we’re family owned and operated, you’re going to get different service than if you went to a chain store,” she said. “We truly take care of our customers and go above and beyond for them.”

Kahan enjoys getting to know the community she sells to, she said, and appreciates the support given to her business as they have settled in downtown Ripon.

“My favorite part about what I do is making my customers happy,” she said. “Jewelry in itself is given to people on happy occasions, and you get to be a part of those events.”

Ripon Jewelers is located at 105 W. Ripon St. in Ripon, and can be reached at 209-599-2100.