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Dream Home

By Kristina Hacker

In 1931, the Cadrett family built a unique Mission Revival home and 86 years later the house and most of its original furnishings are still a part of historic Central Modesto.

John and MaryAnn Cadrett moved into the home 1998, which is a Modesto Landmark Preservation Site, and have maintained the house’s historic origins ever since.

John’s mother, Maggie Cadrett, designed the home and created many of the architectural features and artworks that still adorn its walls. She was a well-known artist and worked in a variety of mediums, including stained glass, copper, watercolor and pottery.

The bathroom, including the terra cotta tile floor, vanity, toilet and sink, are all original from 1931.
The curved doorways are one of the home’s Mission Revival features.
The living room has original floors, iron curtain rods and even a reclining chair from the turn of the century. The built-in shelves feature a Maggie Cadrett stained glass window.
The dining room is another traditional Mission Revival Style.
The red couch with attached end tables was built for the Cadrett home in 1931 and still offers the weary a comfortable place to sit and relax.
The original wood floors also run into the master bedroom.