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Dream home

Getting a look inside beautiful homes is usually something you do while browsing through a magazine, but each year locals get a look into the most beautiful homes of the Modesto area through the Omega Nu Home Tour.

Omega Nu is a women’s philanthropic organization that has existed since the 1920s. The women of the Modesto chapter have hosted a home tour, typically around Christmas, for the last 32 years as a way to raise funds for local nonprofits.

“It’s a sisterhood of women who do community service to raise money to give back to non-profit organizations within our community,” said Shauna Verschelden, president of the Modesto chapter. “The home tour is one of the ways we accomplish that.”

Nearly 700 people toured the five fabulous homes that were featured this year, including that of Mike and Rebecca Beeler.

The Beelers tore their current Modesto home down to the studs five years ago and started from scratch. They rebuilt a contemporary space, electing for a rustic theme in a nod to their agricultural roots. Their home is complete with metal accents created by Mike, an expansive layered granite countertop in the kitchen and wood-paneled ceilings in the bedroom, repurposed from their old patio.

Modesto designer Eva Steward of Eva Steward Design was brought in to add the finishing touches to the home, including adding feminine warmth to the bedroom and functional furniture poolside. Read on for a sneak peek into the Beeler’s beautiful home. 

All photos courtesy of Mark Verschelden.


Home Exterior

The monochromatic exterior of the home is a clue as to what’s to come inside. Since the Beeler’s opted for a neutral palette, Steward added some color by way of nature. “I planted all the cyclamen flowers because they are great in the winter and add some color to the entrance,” Seward said. She also added furniture and potted plants on the deck flanking the entryway, which sits behind the privacy gateway entrance shaded by an umbrella.

The Swimming Pool and Outdoors

The Beeler’s entertainment space extends to their backyard where a new pool sits, accented by lanterns along the edge. The umbrella and pool chairs are just one of two section for lounging, the other of which features recovered chairs, potted plants, a couch and a table that seats 12. There are also two large metal beams to support the roof overhang, which Mike created. “With the large retractable sliding doors, I wanted the outdoor patio to feel like an extension of the indoors – another comfy place to sit and enjoy the California weather, the large screen television and the expansive fire pit,” Steward said. To add a sense of fun, Steward took note of the succulents’ orange hue and added bright orange pillows to the couch for a pop of color. Those interested in attending the 2020 Omega Nu Home Tour can find more information by visiting

Wine Closet

This unique wine closet is home to the Beeler’s wine collection. Rather than hidden underground in a cellar, guests can admire the unique temperature-controlled space in the home. The handle on the closet door was created by Mike Beeler, who customized metal pieces throughout the home. The bright painting in the hallway on the left was selected by Steward from Modesto store Suite 52 Living in McHenry Village to add a splash of color.

The Living Room

The living room centers around the large screen television with the large panel above, which slides down to cover the it when the Beeler’s are entertaining. The large, steel beams flanking the fire place were designed and made by Mike. The furniture in the room is from Slater’s Home Furnishing.

The Kitchen

The kitchen functions as a gathering space for many homes and the Beeler’s have plenty of room for their guests. The long, layered, granite countertop anchors the space under which stools from Slater’s are neatly tucked. Like the wine closet, the handles on all of the cabinets are created by Mike Beeler as is the backsplash, which is metal. Steward chose the long log on the countertop which functions as a flower vase. “This kitchen is very unique and not too formal, so I wanted to bring in a more rustic look. This is something I found at Crow’s Trading, a local Modesto store, which we can also use outside and it’s a fun piece,” Steward said. “What I love about it is you can change it up for different seasons. At Christmas, we had it full of ornaments.” The paintings above the sink are from At Home Furniture, a Modesto store on Dale Road, and the hanging cowbell is from Switzerland. It is over 100 years old and given to the Beelers by an old Swiss neighbor.

Master Bedroom

The Beeler’s already owned the wooden bedroom furniture which, coupled with their wood-paneled ceiling, brings a masculine touch. To bring some warmth to the space, Steward suggested feminine soft-pink bedding. “I am a big fan of pink, everyone knows that,” Steward said. “This bedding came from Slater’s and I just fell in love with the duvet. It’s a pale pink silk with a soft taupe pattern of cherry blossoms.” She paired the bedding with a fur throw from Warmth Company in Aptos, Ca. The lights are from Slater’s and the almond blossom painting above the dresser was commissioned by local artist Rebecca Murphy.