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The Lush Studio
Helps freshen up homes

It’s part addiction, part therapy.

And it can help transform your home into an indoor oasis, a breath of fresh air.

The Lush Studio, a plant and gardening shop along Stockton’s Miracle Mile, specializes in rare and exotic house plants and also carries a full line of gardening items.

Owner Tina Phon said the shop originally opened in March 2021 in a small storefront off March Lane. But this fall, they were able to make the move to a much larger venue.

“We just relocated to the Miracle Mile and had our grand opening in September,” Phon said of moving to 2218 Pacific Ave., Stockton. “It was a big move.”

She said they are “in the heart” of the Miracle Mile and are enjoying the fast-paced, brisk business climate of the area.

“I love plants; it was a hobby of mine,” Phon explained. “I was fortunate enough to turn a hobby into a business.”

She said that roughly 90 percent of the shop’s plant inventory consists of indoor plants, ranging from such unique items as the tropical plant anthurium – also known as flamingo flower or laceleaf – to a wide selection of begonias, which are always in stock.

“Most of our rare plants are imported,” Phon added. “Many of them are hard to find; in the plant community it’s a big thing to have them.”

Outdoor plants they offer are mainly cactus and succulents.

“They thrive on neglect,” Phon noted of the succulents available, perfect for that person without a green thumb.

As for the plants themselves, she said many people got involved in the indoor houseplant routine during the pandemic, when more time was spent at home.

“It’s kind of an addiction,” she admitted of keeping your house filled with plants. “But plants are also therapy.”

They can add color, help purify the air naturally and there is something both relaxing and rewarding about tending to the greenery and seeing plants grow and thrive.

“We also help with plant care; we have soil, fertilizer, watering cans,” Phon added.

They offer gifts cards as well and if you purchase a plant and a pot there, they do the potting for you.

“We re-stock on new plants every one to two weeks so there is always something new,” Phon said.

The more traditional indoor houseplants are always in ample supply, as Phon said she works with local nurseries to make sure she has a variety. With shipping and trucking issues, however, sometimes it is a little harder to get those imported plants. So far, she said, she has been lucky in both areas, able to maintain a wide variety for customers to peruse and choose from as they look to start their indoor hobby or expand it.

Phon and her two employees are also willing to share information, as the care needs for plants fluctuates during the year.

“They need less care in the winter, less water,” she said. “Plant needs change as the seasons change.”

Some people come in to the Pacific Avenue shop with their list already in hand of items they want; others are just “excited to see the variety,” Phon noted.

Hours for The Lush Shop are: noon to 6 p.m. Wednesday; 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Saturday; 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday; closed Monday and Tuesday. For more information, call (209)451-0538.

Phon said she is excited to be part of the Stockton business scene, especially along the Miracle Mile.

“I love the whole vibe,” she said.