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Nature’s energy: Save money with solar

Since opening their doors in 2013, Oakdale’s Green Envi Solar Energy has been a leader in the solar business all over the 209 area.

Green Envi Solar Energy began with the vision of two people, Jason Kerr and Brady Gurr.

“Brady was the Vice President of Installations. He has 10 years of experience and has a lot of knowledge of the business. Myself, I was a manager of a larger company overseeing commercial projects primarily on the east coast,” shared Kerr. “Usually I would go from Boston, Massachusetts to Washington, D.C. One day I realized that I can be doing this for my hometown, plus I could be closer to my family. So we decided to go all in.”

With 12 people total in the local company, including Kerr’s three brothers, Green Envi Solar Energy has been a tightly run, successful business.

“We pride ourselves on quality work for our community and surrounding areas. These are our neighbors, our friends and our clients and we believe that the best thing we can do for them is be honest, loyal and provide them with the best customer service possible,” Kerr proudly explained.

Solar energy is emerging as a top priority in America’s efforts to “Stay Green.” It has many benefits for customers as well. These benefits include lowering your utility bills drastically, eligibility for a federal tax credit, utility rebates and other state incentives, just for making the switch.

Many questions that people have about solar energy include: How do I get started? How much will this cost me to start? Is it an eyesore on my house or my neighbors? What happens if it breaks? How often do I have to pay my bill?

All of these questions are gladly answered by Kerr.

“The best way to get started is to call. Estimates are always free and we go out to your house and evaluate your roof. We also look at your utility bills over the past year. This is to see how much electricity your family uses over the course of the year, so we can accurately size a system and determine how much of a savings to expect,” Kerr said of the process. “This all goes back to us catering to our customers’ needs and being honest and upfront with them. As far as it being an eyesore, it is placed on the roof and it is out of sight, out of mind.

“Most solar companies offer a standard 10-year warranty with the inverter. We provide a 25-year warranty on our work, which includes normal wear and tear, and covers the equipment in full.”

And unlike a monthly utility bill, Green Envi solar comes with a variety of financing options, and typically can be started with no money out of pocket. You still maintain contact with your current electric provider, but any solar power generated above your usage will prompt your electric meter to spin backwards, your excess energy going back to the grid, resulting in cost savings.

“I tell everyone that if you can afford your current utility bill, you can afford solar energy,” Kerr said.

For more information, contact Green Envi Solar Energy by phone at 1-866-903-9737 ext. 103 or check out their website at