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Ornamental grasses in pots
bring your outdoor space to life
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Ornamental grasses in pots can bring any outdoor space to life. Even the slightest breath of wind is enough to get them swaying. Let ornamental grasses shine on your balcony, terrace, or roof garden, and enjoy their appearance as it changes throughout the seasons. Variation in color, shape & height

Ornamental grasses are perennials that you will be able to enjoy for a long time. They come in a variety of shapes: from low to high, from compact to lush. There is also plenty of variety when it comes to color. First of all, there are different shades of green, from yellow-ish to dark. Ornamental grasses also come in the surprising colors blue (blue fescue, Festuca glauca), black (black mondo grass, Ophiopogon), and red (cogon grass, Imperata cylindrica).

From spring greenery to winter silhouette

Ornamental grasses look attractive in all seasons, from the first fresh green blades in spring and beautiful plumes in (late) summer to the intense leaf colors in fall. Even in winter, ornamental grasses create a fairytale winter silhouette, enhanced by a layer of frost after a cold winter night. Evergreen ornamental grasses that retain their color, such as blue fescue and sedge (Carex), are also an option.

Endless combinations

If you like the power of simplicity, why not try filling containers with a single type of ornamental grass, such as silvergrass (Miscanthus) or fountaingrass (Pennisetum). If you would rather go for variety, you can go wild with ornamental grasses combined with flowering perennials. For a botanical look, you could combine them with foliage plants, such as coral bells (Heuchera).


Use frost-resistant pots and containers to plant ornamental grasses. Make sure there are holes in the bottom of the pot to allow excess water to drain away. Water the grasses regularly to prevent them from drying out. Cut them back in early spring to make room for the first fresh greenery of spring. Evergreen grasses don›t need cutting back; you can just pick out any withered blades of grass.

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