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Saving the trees one at a time

All it took was just one look at a discolored hackberry tree at a local park for American Tree Medics Inc. founder and certified arborist Clyde Eric Britt to make a diagnosis.

“See the color? That one has what is equivalent to anemia—it has an iron deficiency,” said Britt. “The reason for that is a low volume of water uptake, which means it is not getting enough minerals.

“It will probably be dead within a couple of months,” continued Britt.

To the chagrin of Britt, the prematurely-yellow hackberry was not the only tree under stress at the park, which was already speckled with the stumps of damaged trees that have been cut down as a result of drought-related conditions.

“Here’s the thing: those trees didn’t have to die,” said Britt. “They don’t have to die.”

Through American Tree Medics Inc., Britt said that he could easily save the iron-deficient hackberry—and every other stressed tree—beginning with a certified arborist consultation and ending with a unique Total Tree Health plan.

At the beginning of the process, which the arborist said he perfected after years of “experimentation and common sense,” Britt conducts a consultation to scientifically assess each tree’s health status, create a unique drought resolution plan, and prepare the tree for installation and service.

Britt then works with the property owner to set up a drought response and water conservation system, which includes the installation of a Tree IV.

With a Tree IV, Britt is able to immediately infuse the roots of the affected tree with much-needed water and minerals. Not only that, but he is also able to use significantly less water than what would be used in a deep watering process.

“By putting the water directly into the ground, I eliminate all evaporation and make sure every little bit of water goes into the tree, roots and crown,” said Britt.

Britt said that with his process, he can sustain each tree with as little as two gallons of water given twice a month. Conversely, in order to effectively deliver water down three to four feet to the root system of a tree through ground watering can take anywhere from 50 to 100 gallons, according to Britt.

“Ground watering has got to go and education is the key to that,” said Britt. “This is the thing of the past as it should be. It’s not doing the grass any good and it’s not doing the trees any good.”

Britt founded American Tree Medics Inc. earlier this year after he noticed that the trees no longer needed to be trimmed, they needed to be saved. The corporation uses Britt’s experience in tree health science, pruning and removal to save California’s trees from the severe drought and educates the public on what they can do to keep their trees alive.

“If the trees die, I don’t see much of a future for us,” concluded Britt.

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