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Time to green your garden

More life in your garden

Whether you go big or small when greening your garden: every little step helps. Even swapping just one flagstone for a plant will bring your garden to life. With a mix of flowering perennials, get ready to welcome hordes of butterflies and bees. It is a wonderful sight and also benefits biodiversity in your neighborhood. If you want to find out which perennials suit your garden and style, visit

Nice and fresh

Plants offer a cooling effect on summer days, thanks to shading and evaporation through the leaves. It’s better than a parasol! And if there is the occasional heavy downpour, having a green garden is a great thing since the plants will retain some of the rainwater. What’s more: the water slowly permeates into the soil, preventing flooding. In other words: a green garden is also climate-resistant!

No stress

You’ve probably experienced this for yourself: green also gives a sense of peace. Just looking at greenery has a stress-reducing effect. Natural sounds, like the rustling of leaves and grasses, also help you relax. The smell of lavender (Lavandula) completes your relaxing outdoor space.

Tips & ideas

There is always room for greenery. You could create a façade garden, for example, with bugleweed (Ajuga), bellflowers (Campanula), coral bells (Heuchera) and perennial ornamental grasses. Or why not plant herb plants in pots and bins?

Wintergreen perennials, such as dwarf periwinkle (Vinca minor), green carpet (Pachysandra), ferns, hedgenettles (Stachys) and moss phlox (Phlox subulata) will keep your garden beautifully green year-round.

If you enjoy seeing birds in your garden, greening is also an excellent idea. Birds like to scratch among the plants in search of food. With a bird bath, you can turn your garden into a proper bird paradise.