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Climbing the walls

Vanessa Silveira and Nathan Tipton travel near and far to scale the walls at Alpine Climbing Adventure Fitness.

That’s the indoor steel-framed rock-climbing gym at 1450 Garrison Way in Ripon.

“We’re here four or five times a week,” said Tipton, who lives in Stockton.

Silveira resides nearby in Manteca.

They used to belong to one of the conventional gyms but changed their memberships over to Alpine Climbing Adventure Fitness.

“This is all we do now,” said Silveira, who challenges her mental and physical levels on the towering WallTopia structure.

Tony Levy, who is the general manager of the climbing gym since its opening earlier in the year, points out that the 19,335-square-foot facility is dedicated to climbing. The facility features a 55-foot-high lead wall, a 15-meter speed wall, a 16-foot bouldering structure, and a beginner’s wall, all of which can be both a mental and physical challenge.

For Emily Lewis, her workouts can provide more of a mental release.

“If I’m having a bad day, I need this gym. I’ll climb and forget about my problems,” said the Ripon resident.

Alpine Climbing Adventure Fitness can provide a full body workout,  including “toes to fingers,” says Levy, who has nine years of experience in the field.

This unique gym also has free weights, cardio equipment, TRX, benches, medicine balls, mobility equipment and high-intensity interval and cross-fitness classes.

Regulars like Silveira and Tipton mentioned that it’s worth making those daily trips to Ripon. The reason -- there’s very few climbing gyms in the 209.

The once-shy Lewis added that she enjoys the environment. “It’s like a community where everyone knows everyone,” she said.

Levy and his knowledgeable staff are available to answer questions and provide instructions and share their know-how.

“It’s like climbing a ladder,” Levy said.

Alpine Climbing Adventure Fitness was made possible by local owner Jonathan Meeks.

In addition, the Ripon gym offers “Sky Walk” for youngsters, who wear strapped in a safety harness in order to climb and soar high atop the towering play stacks. 

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